MY BALL WAS GLITCHED | Golf with DrukenLeprechaun and GHondo Numero 3

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  • GHondo reply I'd forgotten about the intro, right off the bat Leppy is giving me grief. The prick. :) Hole 7 SUCKED, especially as a giant acorn... Of course, being a giant cube didn't help much on hole 9 either... GRRRR. Who's stupid idea was it to do random shape & size? Oh right, mine... Oopsy. :( 8:25 - It's hard to catch because it jumps, but that was a sweet hit I laid on you, to get you away from the bridge... I really am a jerk! :) 10:08 - Ahh, here's the part I made that little clip for, where you were falling off on our screen, but stationary on yours. Wonderful. :) 15:15 - "Oh my God, I'm going to ink everywhere!" - what are you, a horny squid? :) 16:40 - I can't believe how badly Leppy whooped our asses... :(
  • Mister_Shots reply Thanks to GHondo and DrunkenLeprechaun for playing for the session!
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