Bad Aliens Destroying Our Planet

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  • Star_Wars6collector reply Even Aliens would wait to see the logical results of foolish evil people are always the same unless they wake up before it is too late because those evil people just destroy them-selves,
  • Star_Wars6collector reply this documentary is not so intelligent because why would they not use magnetic rails system to launch real star ships into space,
  • Star_Wars6collector reply The Federal reserve is very stupid to put all the gold in one place, during the Polar Shift the east coast will slide deeper into the oceans, Plus if my calculations are right about the lakes and the plasma discharge in the Northern hemisphere a whole area will explode, the question is all that gold will conduct the charge, lol
  • [ – ] ResistanceChicks777 reply They watched Independence Days, "if we destroy the planet Aliens won't want it!" Thank you for added McMasters to albums. If I add video's, do they stay on my page history for future reference I've never done an album on Vidme!
    • Star_Wars6collector parent reply in a nuclear war in a sneak attack there is minutes to seconds to respond just like in a Polar Shift, so if that is what is coming from my visions then all those fools that thought they would get something or have some wealth will all be vaporized in a nuclear war, So as I have said what is the point of war when your enemies have all been building up to destroy the worlds population as well as them-selves???
    • Star_Wars6collector parent reply I know how evil works because evil never cares to think about all the ramifications of there evil actions, well you only have to have common sense to see how pathetic it all is, why destroy life when you can be advanced and live for thousands of years, building new planets and so much more, It's simple to destroy a whole planet with Alien tech, but why? All those stupid intelligent agents should realize that since they are arming all the communist countries that should tell you what is coming as they tried to disarm our countries, if they take out America with the Chinese sneak attack then Europe falls fast and all the rest of the world, so is North Korea/China going to attack, I would say yes they will because they keep building towards it in military and financial by buying up everything they can,
    • Star_Wars6collector parent reply I don't care about McMasters or any of them because if they are that stupid to follow there NWO and since the NWO runs China and those in power want to kill off 95% of the worlds population in a nuclear war, that should tell all people including McMasters that his NWO leaders don't give a care if they kill him or me or you or anyone to destroy the majority of life on this planet, there faith is for the greater good they say, I say there faith is full of Crap because we could be making new planets now instead of all this useless never ending wars and deaths and massive starvation, all those stupid ponds like Muller or all the rest will never make it to there bunkers if China/North Korea nukes there cities, my visions show me this as clear as day,
    • Star_Wars6collector parent reply You can never destroy the planet because it always can be fixed, I already know how to make new planets so I would know how to fix this planet, DU particles or nuclear waste can be collected by massive filters and I mean massive, the DU particles collect on metals as well as magnets, clay slows the particles, there is another way to slow the nuclear particle by way of electrical fusion, but will we have a dead planet if it is an all out nuclear war? I know how al things work including how to bring people back to life with advanced cell regeneration to repair the body fully, the cells go into a purple crystalized state of suspended animation, my visions are correct and detailed, but stupid people that run this planet will not for long because God made all life including advanced life, so real Aliens are coming from what my visions have shown and from what I have seen up close there is much more to life, God creates a vast universe full of life,
    • Star_Wars6collector parent reply this woman has no clue of the pyramids in the water because the real plotting shows where they are and from what I have also seen, so they don't understand the real layout of the pyramids world wide at 9:33 in her video
    • Star_Wars6collector parent reply see something is happening with those North Korean subs and since China is setting up a base in Africa they could have had subs slip in under there war ships, China and North Korea are one of the same and work together,
  • Star_Wars6collector reply North Korea is a part of China so as I have said they would have dispatched subs weeks to months ago just like before China fired off a missal in 2011 along the coast of America
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