"Akira (1988)" Review - Anime Friday

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  • [ – ] LoreReloaded reply certainly this is a sad day.. for the final episode ;(
    • [ – ] SeaTactics parent reply The future shall hold nothing but copious amounts of anime content. But... but there will be a hole in the heart of this channel... that will have to be filled by dirty dirty anime.
  • [ – ] Reasanka reply i'm gunna miss the routine of watching anime/manga reviews every friday/monday but i look forward to whatever comes next :D i've never seen akira, but the review flowed really well so keep up teh good work :D long live kanna's #ThunderThighsThursdays would I also be able to add to the never ending list of manga recomendations? :D Shitei Bouryoku Shoujo Shiomi-chan - it's a manga by the same author who made midori days, all i can say is don't let the cringey plot summary dissuade you, it's genuinely hilarious. it's got that oldschool early 2000s comedy & art style, reminds me of why i initially fell in love with anime & manga to begin with
    • SeaTactics parent reply I can't wait to start doing videos in this style now. I think it's going to be not only good for my sanity, but easier on me and will make the videos much better. #ThiCCKannaChan Yeah, I'll add it TO THE LIST!
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