The USA is not a Democracy!!!

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  • jello195 reply I don't like your definition of democracy. Mob rule sounds pejorative. I'd say it's a system where citizens (δῆμος) vote the laws (Κράτος). It doesn't have to be 50%+1. There are other procedures for that like the quorum. Also democracy is very organized. It's not ruled by a mob but by population and institutions. Also if you wanna be more exact in your terminology USA is a republic (as defined by Montesquieu in the "De l'esprit des lois") but a republic doesn't negate a democracy as by definition democracies are all republicans; putting the public interest (public thing → Res Publica) at first . However USA is not a democracy because it's really an elective aristocracy at best and a plutocracy at worst.
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