Patreon Request: One-Punch Man Season 1 Review

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  • [ – ] wolfx1120 reply I would just like to put out that subs are no good if you can't read!!! And i can't read so i need the dubbed ones.
    • [ – ] TheHeroOfTomorrow parent reply Then how do you read my comments?
      • [ – ] wolfx1120 parent reply I don't read your comments... My NaturalReader reads your comments for me... It works good for things like this but its no good if i can't cut and paste the words in to it.
        • [ – ] TheHeroOfTomorrow parent reply Oh--I thought you were joking. My apologies.
          • wolfx1120 parent reply no big... its just sad that no one thinks abuot thoes of us that can't read and can't speak any other language but the one they are born into... they don't think of how herd it is for us to live in this society... that why i look for comic dubers and fanfic readers all the time... i can't enjoy all the same things with out there help.
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