Germany: Empty Supermarket Shelves for "Diversity"

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  • [ – ] 4140 reply That is the definition of fachism business merging with government to control the citizens
    • sowhat-vidme parent reply You are correct. And it is not only happening in Germany. It is happening in Sweden, in the UK, and in other countries as well. I am sick of this ongoing Islamization. It is an old UN plan called "Replacement Migration"
  • 4140 reply End of days is upon us. Repent and get right with your creator. Mankind cannot continue on this path
  • [ – ] gsdwoman reply Keep on eating non halal food pour moi, bitte.
    • [ – ] sowhat-vidme parent reply I will. I will also drink beer and smoke cigarettes in public. It is a German tradition to eat pork and Bratwurst. And I will boycot every Edeka store now.
      • gsdwoman parent reply Sehr gut! I will drive my car alone as a female to the pool and swim in the Western tradition, while I still can.
  • gsdwoman reply Bratwurst with apples, I just may have to cook up a batch.Very tasty.
  • [ – ] gsdwoman reply I forgot bratwurst.
  • [ – ] gsdwoman reply I guess one can't buy sausage, ham, salami, or bologna here?
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