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  • [ – ] FyreBird26 reply In the words of WelshGamer, "GUD. GUD. SO GUD."
    • [ – ] FyreBird26 parent reply lol it's funny because that's what he says before the t™rec~ccst™ part
      • [ – ] FyreBird26 parent reply Also... https://youtu.be/7NFQ0hvT79Q
        • [ – ] FyreBird26 parent reply Happy late Dreamcast anniversary
          • SGWaS parent reply Love the Dreamcast. It's like the JFK of video game consoles. :P BTW, I got that PC fixed up. I had to create a new partition table and reinstall everything. This time, XP was installed first, then Vista, so Vista's boot manager could take place of XP's boot.ini. Also, I might throw in Lubuntu as well because I'm curious to see if I like Linux. I'll make an announcement video about all of this soon. Hopefully I can get out of this hiatus and make more memes.
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