Pretending to be Hurt by LeafyIsHere - DeViiaTe @ YouTube

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  • [ – ] BruceShepard1970 reply I got into drama on YouTube. Fought back and forth with atheists and the religious. Here's what I say. Screw all that shit. That shit divides us. If a person doesn't believe in God, I'm sure they have their reasons. In fact I know many reasons and it's not their fault. But I'm going to tell you this. If you're confused and or not convinced, if I go to heaven, I'll have you at MY table. I don't hate people because of what they think. It's okay to hate an ideology, but don't hate the person. An ideology is just an external influence and not what is truly in one's heart.
  • [ – ] BruceShepard1970 reply Let go of the drama. Ignore it. Stay away from it. It's only a yoke of misery. It's not worth the time you spend thinking about it. Live! Don't let someone else's bull shit drag you through life like a horse thief being dragged away into the dessert.
    • Andy parent reply this was a long time ago lol (im just reuploading my more viewed youtube videos on this site) i wasnt affected the slightest by him or his fan base, i just acted that way to get video views and attention
  • sk8er reply hey bro its bruce keener!!
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