We Need to Invade Russia or Trump Will Look Weak

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  • [ – ] ElZappo reply Listen to that honest woman. Poor americans got hacked and you know what? Those damn ruskies hacked my coffee machine too..and the coffee!! We need to fire zeh missiles like grandpa used to do!! - a Kraut..SAUER-Kraut ;)
    • ElZappo parent reply Funny video :) How many romanins did they ask about the "anti missile system" ? None :) "People" do not want foreign troops on their home territory. It's their leaders..or better said the leaders of their leaders (EU/NATO) that decide without asking anyone. "People" want world peace.
  • nomadic reply I think a better plan would be to dismantle a corrupt federal government in Washington DC , and if they committed criminal acts they need to be tried by the people, no matter who they are or know. We need to stay out of other nations business and let them sort their own shit out. And continue to attack the main stream media by pointing out every lie they spread, and investigate things in our past that might be FAKE, (911, JFK, Boston bombing...)
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