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  • [ – ] sarah reply literally me. i can never EVER sleep the day before anything important. i think it's your brain too alert and stressed out to sleep
    • AmiYamato parent reply It's the worst, isnt it?
    • Platypus67 parent reply I know the problem; i kinda got rid of it with a simple technique: i tell myself that - no matter what - at this point in time (the middle of the night) i can't do or change ANYTHING and so i shall not care about nothing. If thoughts come up and try to bother me i simply recognize them as such - and let them pass by. It works a little bit like a 'soft meditation'. Or you can put some onions (cut in half) in cold milk for 5 minutes then take them out and drink it; it tastes surprisingly good. The last resort (until you want to take chemical sleep inducers that is) is half whiskey half warm milk with lots of honey; but you should be already in your bed when drinking this - it'll knock you out! I hope this helps you a litte with this problem.
    • WinkyDink parent reply I'm the same.
  • AmiYamato reply Before you ask: γΎγ˜γ‹γ‚“γΉγ‚“γ—γ¦γ‚ˆγƒ»Maji kanben shite yo = Give me a break
  • [ – ] HeroicVillain reply @AmiYamato I think you need more than a dash, darlin'. Try a pint. Take it from someone who has literally tried everything to sleep, hard liquor just turns your milk into gross little curds floating around in alcohol brine, but hey, if you like Natto then I guess a little vodka cottage cheese won't bother you. Whenever I wanna get sleepy, I just pop over to @Neilist and watch him play Subnautica for like 30 minutes. I swear, I can't even troll him anymore, the man has a voice that could sooth an coked up elephant that shoots velociraptors from its trunk, am I right @sarah ? Anyway, @duffy only wants you to sleep so he can eat your soul. Many Bothans died to bring you this information.
  • duffy reply i think everyone deals with it at some point :/
  • ShriekingShade reply Ah yes Insomnia. It is such a bitch
  • QuazzVids reply Wish I had some tips for ya but nothing really works for me either. Luckily adrenaline gets me through the important things that I missed sleep over lol
  • Dexter561 reply Me right now it's 3:35am and brain won't turn off XD
  • mechriot reply I know how you feel :/
  • xDIZOx reply same here i can never sleep if i have to get up early the next day
  • artblaster reply How long do these animations take you to make? You do a wonderful job of changing up the hair, clothes, etc for each video but I bet it takes a while to do the lip syncing.
  • Imherenow reply try searching videos "deep sleep" "delta waves" "Michael Sealy vids are very good too". "Michael Sealy Sleep anxiety" I also have terrible insomnia, even zolpidum etc. but natural sleep is the very best. The above vids may help, give them a chance. good luck.
  • ImagineHouse reply Something about "it's now... quarter past five" just broke my heart. Misery really does love company, it seems. Great stuff.
  • halios00 reply This is pretty amazing! The animation is awesome!
  • skpacman reply I have Insomnia as well. The #1 thing that helps me fall asleep when my brain thinks it's funny to not sleep is to count. get comfortable in bed, and count in your head. slowly and deliberately from 0 to 100. If you get to 100 before you're asleep, count BACKWARD back to 0, then forward again, until you fall asleep. It tricks your brain into not thinking about anything but your deliberate counting. Works for me 100% of the time.
  • Dreyson reply Yep insomnia is literally hell on earth my friend..
  • WhoTheHellAmI--- reply Have had insomnia since 2000...came out of no where...have tried just about everything...what helped for awhile was taking magnesium... I am tired 24/7 and doctors don't seem to care about helping...people don't understand how tired we are all of the time... let them sleep 2 hours per night and then STFU...
  • jabber99er reply γ‚„γ‚Œγ‚„γ‚Œγ γœ
  • [ – ] BehrmanTheBeerman reply I've had insomnia for the past 20 years now. Recently, things got bad and I started having a lot of anxiety attacks and other stress related issues. I decided to eliminate ALL caffeine from my diet. Energy drinks, coffee, tea, soda. As well as all alcohol and most sugar. Lastly, I stopped using all sleep-aids and anxiety meds. Took about a month to totally adjust. The worst part was the first few days. But after that, not only was I sleeping better, I was no longer worrying about getting to sleep when I had something important the next morning. I know this sounds so obvious that it'll never work, but here I am, sleeping like a baby every night. It'll be hard to let some of those things go, but trust me, it's WAYYY better than not getting to sleep every freaking night. If you're really having sleep issues, PLEASE try cutting these things from your diet. For the first time in many years, I finally feel like I'M in control of my life again.
    • [ – ] AmiYamato parent reply Thanks. I'll certainly consider this and see if I can manage to cut down on those things. Although, after reading your comment I can't help notice the irony of your name and avatar :)
  • nekollx reply ive found sometimesit's just best to close your eyes and lay down, even if the sleep is fake your body still gets part of the benefit, better then no benifit
  • VonkDeRidder reply Insomniac for 2 decades, oming off long time zopiclone use, I found this to work : Keep mouth closed, then regular slow, deep stomach breathing through nose only, seems to somehow quiet my restless mind. I also find planting this fake thought in my head helps : "I have to get up in 2 hours' time"
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