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  • dancrivelli reply Yea I use a cheap cannon camera and it does alright, (you can see the quality in my vlogs)
  • [ – ] Davidbur reply Canons are good makes, maybe cost to much although.
    • iDrudy parent reply True. Better then Nikon for sure. I use my iPhone 7 right now, but I'm just uploading my old videos from YouTube to vidme because I'm switching to vidme.
  • Davidbur reply I'm spreading the link on youtube to as many channels as I can. LOL I don't know how to reply on the same thread like youtube. Its why I keep making new threads.
  • [ – ] Davidbur reply Yes, especially when its politics and this election.
  • [ – ] Davidbur reply Yes I just came over here to . I am preparing for google to do more censoring.
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