Touhou - Perfect Cherry Blossom: My 1st Phantasm Boss Attempt.

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  • Last_Sin reply And now. It's the Phantasm Boss herself. Now I'm gonna say this for all of Yukari's Non-Spell attacks. It's pretty and I think it's 100% all the same as Ran's in the EX Stage, That's why I was able to dodge it very well despite my 1st attempt on the Phantasm Boss. Her Spell-cards however. . .well, If her 1st spell-card does not explain. . .Well, shit. 4.27, Her 1st Spell-card. I know what's happening. Both sides are aimed, I know. The thing is. I DON"T KNOW HOW TO EXECUTE IT AGAIN. FUCK ME. I WATCHED VIDS ALREADY. 5.10, Yeah I have to get rid of the border, otherwise the run would have ended there. Got cornered. 5.16, People say that Yukari's 2nd spell-card is easier than Ran's 2nd Spell-card. I don't see why when I first start to dodge it but once I bombed and tries to dodge it, I can see why. It's idk. More "simpler" than it looks. I think I just need time then I might be able to capture it. Easier said than done though. 6.11, I ALREADY CANNOT DODGE RAN'S VERSION. WHAT DO YOU E...moreXPECT? Seriously. 6.58, correct me if I'm wrong but people also say that this one is more easier than Charming Siege. And I can see why too. Even though I bombed. I can see why. It's 100% easier than Charming Siege. Even a idiot / noob / newbie / retard can tell. 7.32, Now this is my 1st time saying this but all this time, I think that this non-spell attack is the hardest one, both EX and Phantasm. The tight gaps man. (Er. . . No. I don't mean Yukari's Gaps. or ah fuck it.) 7.50, How I captured it? I have completely no idea. I personally think that Yukari's version is more easier to capture than Ran's. If you notice how wide the bullets can go after a certain amount of distance, I just slip through between them, making it easier to dodge. Unlike Ran's which is smaller gaps and I don't think the gaps "Expand" too. 8.56, It's literally the same thing as Ran's. Really nothing much to say. 9.56, SHOTGUN~. The same situation as Ran's really. I. Cannot. Dodge. It. And now it's both sides? Yeah. I will die. Regardless. Or bomb. And this is where I lost. 10.40. Just like Chen, Ran's movement is also static. Except the bullets got me. and it's the SAME BULLET EVERYTIME I DIE. FUCKING EMBARRASSING DOOD. What a fucking ridiculous way to end a attempt lol. During my time with Yukari, I'm filled with excitement (I repeated myself. I know.) because come on, I finally reached this level. I'm like HOLY FUCKING WHAT THE HELL level. It's insane how I am able to reach here when I know that I suck dick still. not as bad as before but still. Man. What's more is the fact that I made it this far in my 1st time with Yukari. It's just more than "Wow" at this point. I was screaming "Er OH FUCK" or "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" or "OH NO" or just "NO!". And I don't scream with fear / excitement often. Or in fact, Rarely even. That alone just shows that Touhou is a fucking great game. It brings out my young times. Goddamn. Oh and I also screamed "BELIEVE IT" too.
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