No Blocking Lvl 1 Unupgraded Gear: Sif - Dark Souls

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  • Big_Bad_Bug reply Turns out I didn't need the extra Estus Flasks, but it's good to have them just in case. I went for full stamina regeneration with my gear so that I can attack Sif as much as possible. Otherwise, it would take longer and I'd not only run out of storage space to record this, but have more time that I could be killed in the fight. Sif is one of the easier bosses in the game, but he is extremely resistant to bleed. I only bled him once in the entire fight, and it barely saved me any time, but I'll take what I can get. The reinforced club is way too good for low level challenges. I tried this as a base level bandit with the bandit axe, and it was much worse. I wouldn't call this weapon OP, but it's hard to argue that another weapon is better at low levels.
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