Styxhexenhammer Garden Update April 12th, 2017

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  • [ – ] Perseus_Gold reply I grow leeks, potatoes, kale, radish and rhubarb. Your garden is a lot bigger than mine. I want a bigger garden but I can't get permission where I live. I have a long ass useless front yard I am not allowed to use for vegetables due to bylaws and a short shallow backyard because fuck suburban zoning demanding a huge distance from the curb to the house
    • [ – ] BocaBradley parent reply I'm in the same boat in suburban Chicago. @prepTorrent , I have used pots to skirt the bylaws and grew nice veggies it's a great alternative!
    • [ – ] MidrangeKEK parent reply I always found those sort of rules weird. As if growing food is somehow unnatural and offensive.
      • [ – ] Perseus_Gold parent reply As far as I can tell it's to ensure uniformity of the neighbour's look and to reduce pest/rabbit populations. I don't want to outright claim it's to make people more dependant on grocery stores but that is an effect of it either way.
    • Thornack parent reply Try permaculture tactics like gardening in height . In Self watering pots as a example. It really Works. Self i rent a garden and use my balcony
  • BocaBradley reply I like the massive row of corn idea.
  • StolenMoment reply Looked like a heat wave in New England 4/11. Everything here in norCal about to float away with huge snow melt and rain. Drought restrictions still active.
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