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  • UGgY_Tv reply Notice me senpai
  • [ – ] Iannis_Hour_LOOK_DESCRIPTION reply ok I f you are not going to upload special vidme video then why the heck you are here stealing the trending page? If u did videos that apear only to vidme then it will be right but now...U are just stealing the scene girl....
    • [ – ] Kikazaru parent reply Creators on YouTube are trying to find an alternative because YouTube is protecting companies more than the users. She isn't stealing the front page from anyone. Last time I checked, the trending/featured page works way differently on here than on youtube. On here, anyone who is verified, doesn't matter views or likes, all have a chance to be up on there just simply base on the content of the video. So saying "stealing the trending page" to me makes no sense and makes you sound like an idiot to me. I understand wanting these people to interact with their Vidme following, them complaining about it and such because they don't want Vidme to be a dumping ground for people who do that, but saying what you said, again, just putting it out bluntly, it's incredibly stupid to me. Now don't be offended, this is what I personally think of your comment and I am simply leaving my 2 cents here. That is all.
      • [ – ] Iannis_Hour_LOOK_DESCRIPTION parent reply I DONT CARE ! They came there obviously for the expansion of their audience ! They have 1M subs they are fucking famous ! Sometimes is like Vidme is like a room that is expanding into a bulding but it goes more strait . Now i am not calling out some youtubers that rely did care about vidme and upload special vidme video like Weirdest News and AskGangsta BUT THE OTHER FUCKINHG SUCK ! And they bring there the largest egoist audience that care just about one vidizen ! WTF GO AWAY
        • [ – ] HeZoKo parent reply bruh we gotta share everyone's welcome on vidme and they don't have to change their style or anything for vidme. lets all just love each other <3 (^~^)
          • [ – ] Iannis_Hour_LOOK_DESCRIPTION parent reply No one said that they have to come there , bring a loyal egoist audience that does not mean nothing , get all the trending page and make VidME VidTHEM , Because is more than clear what they are doing ! They are not active ! If they are why they dont reply to comments? Why they dont try at least to see the newest videos and upvote and share their knowlege !?
            • [ – ] Milimufin parent reply Well, you have to consider that they might just be making a backup so if youtube messes up these youtubers have something to go to, and also, it's not their fault that they are picked by the team themselves.
              • [ – ] Iannis_Hour_LOOK_DESCRIPTION parent reply another one ! Viewers send the videos to trending To get a video trending u have to give it a lot of views They call out their subscribers from yt to go and give 5K views to their REUPLOADED videos so they steal the scene and get more audience . I give example myself ! I got to watch thosde youtubers for the first time on vidme and tehn go to yt and watch them . SO THEY GOT WHAT THEY WANTED ! An extra view ! Now i dont acctualy want to cntinue the discution on Jade's comment section because is not just about her. Wutever I am not talking about youtubers like AskaGangsta or WeirdestNews that came and made vidme exclusive videos
                • [ – ] KayToons parent reply I mean she doesn't really have the time? I'm with you on the whole thing about interacting with the fans on Vidme and stuff, but she does have other priorities. She makes these animations, which from experience, take a butt load of time. And, like you said, she has 1M subs on YouTube, she isn't entirely active in the comment section there either. She still cares about her fans though. But I do agree with you that if you're coming over here to Vidme, make at least on exclusive video maybe, or at least upvote a couple videos, to show you're active on the site.
                  • Iannis_Hour_LOOK_DESCRIPTION parent reply She didnt even show her face so no streep pictures to bother her And this is not about Jeden is about Youtubers with so much audience that steal the scene..For example AskaGangsta is active on people and respond !!! And he has 1M subs too :) They are here to steal the scene from us before someone else does... If i had even 40% chance to get to the trending page i whoud call them out for their shit
    • Dedredlink parent reply yah, or at least change the "youtube" line to say "vidme"
  • Calibri_Funtimes reply Good luck with your move! Also good luck catching all those collectibles! Love your animations!
  • Sparrow666 reply Sempi you came
  • Illustration reply Anyone else notice that "other herbs" (in brownies) joke that was just subtley thrown in half way through the video?
  • NeilGrandeur reply "Tie your shoes before riding your bike." "Pssh, What do you know?" Haha - kids.
  • c_arnold03 reply Your mom Gamified life? That's awesome. My mom would whine about how she's not running a restaurant.
  • [ – ] AANickFan reply YOU'RE on vidme?!
  • Bomb132 reply I hate veggies, like broccoli, carrots, and more. Like literally.
  • GhostFox12 reply Parent are cool
  • Wyrmis reply i always enjoy some Kellogg's Lucky Charms Cereal for dinner.
  • AnimalsLife reply Do you love cats and kittens? WonderfulCats is the best channel for you to our Beloved Cats and Cat owners. follow & subscrip to our channel 《wonderfulcats 》
  • Live_Love_Play reply I learned something new about brownies today. Neat.
  • HeZoKo reply im the 69th upvoter ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • hyperscrub reply this isnt the real jaiden
  • techmespot reply Nice story :)
  • GunDoctorTV reply I hate when YouTubers come here and don't interact with the community don't get me wrong I like Jaidens channel but........
  • BlackbirdFrost reply I've always loved broccoli...even as a kid. It is my favorite veggie. Yep...yep...parents always get rid of your toys that turn out to be worth a buttmuffin of money. Thankfully I kept some of the video games that are now worth a ton.
  • SexualYeti reply I am also taller than my parents because I WAS CREATED TO SURPASS THEM!!!
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