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  • [ – ] duffy reply daily vlogging seems like so much work.
    • [ – ] danielamann parent reply Oh c'mon now ;D It's not all bad
      • KeiserHTTC parent reply I enjoyed the upload bro 😁 love Daniel's v-loggs too obviously lol. I have a autistic son he's 5. I want to v-logg but my days are so crazy 😜 seriously. But Compiled footage and a weekly upload sound's like I could do it. 😁
    • [ – ] TimThebodeau parent reply @danielamann please confirm haha!
      • danielamann parent reply It's not easy, I like your perspective on daily vlogging. You're vlogging every day, just not uploading every day, which makes sense to me! If you call yourself a daily vlogger I'm down ;D
  • [ – ] TastyMacros reply TheBabadook on VidMe - yes!
  • [ – ] WooFit reply ooooooo that lens!! NICE bb! ps. This video style is/was awesome!! Love what you do my boy
  • Jimthethird reply I'm a similar kind of schedule as you. I find that editing takes a lot of time and something I don't want to have to do every day during the workweek. I like to keep my uploads about my workouts, so my frequency now, I'm trying anyway, to upload a video about each of my workouts. If I tried to do an iteration of uploading every day, I would get burnt out or the quality would go down the tank.
  • galwaybeard reply Wish I had the time/motivation/exciting life to daily vlog. I prefer the montage over a period of time style. Suits my procrastination levels well.
  • KSores reply I just realized Im your 100th follower, congrats production value of your videos are great keep up the good work
  • ZeroPointTruth reply Rooting like a carrot for this guy. Cheers.
  • Oneway-Fitness reply In the beginning how did you feel talking to the camera and walking around with it blog style?
  • BJCRfilms reply So true man, I did Daily vlog for a month last year, and a bit stressing when it comes to editing and uploading on time. But this time around ive set a M/W & Friday schedule. I hope this will help me out more. Good video cheers!
  • jrswab reply I have wanted to do a vlog for a while not (even back on YouTube) I would have to do the same style since most days are just the same thing day after day in the office; with a few things outside the office that would not add up to enough content for and every day upload.
  • crissymoss reply This makes a lot of sense. I don't have time to do them every day, and really I don't have interesting stuff going on every day. But I do enjoy sharing parts of my life, or thoughts I have on things going on.
  • cannotaccess reply Best thing is to do gaming and vblogs, Gaming is easy to record then a vblog in my book.
  • MrJoelDee reply Awesome video Tim! I'd never thought about it that way before. I tried the daily vlogging for awhile. However, I stopped doing it after a couple weeks or so. I work odd hours and my day to day is often so repetitive, I didn't want to get bored with the videos, let alone, have the viewing audience get bored with them. I dunno if I'll try this way in the future, because with the day to day repetitiveness, I don't know that I'd have enough "different" footage to amount to anything, but nonetheless, again, you gave me a way to look at how to do something that never entered my mind before. Thank you, sincerely. Joel
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