Black Ops 2 Combat Axe Montage (BO2) Insane Axe Kills & Knife Montage Part One

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  • CODISCOD reply also love the song
  • [ – ] DXGOP reply Footage from around 4 yrs ago even before I thought of making videos for youtube or anything... Look out for Thi5 Is Sparta And DXG4REAL (Old Gamertags) <3 Thank you for watching... More Soon Fam... Peace!!👊🏼 👊🏼
    • DXGOP parent reply Almost forgot Shan Shanks U On Xbox too lol (good ol sticks and stones was all about fun with friends)
  • MickyC reply shows you were always a beast lol
  • CODISCOD reply The old black ops 2 days, so this was what led to the crazy montages that followed, you now have a new follower on here, keep up the grind, someday it will be worth it
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