My Greatest Fear: The Cannibalizing of Libertarians and Progressives by Fanatics Due to Government Ineptitude

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  • [ – ] peacey reply I freakin love you man, you GET it!! I grew up in Germany and back in the 80's at least, we were taught all about what led up to the rise of the 3rd reich. I was taught to recognize propaganda immediately, and when I returned to America, I stopped watching tv (especially the "news"), because even back then it was obvious. I USED to be a Democrat, but left during #DemExit and kept my eyes wide open. I voted against the bitch, and am so far quite pleased with our president. He speaks to the East Asian threats in a language THEY understand, as a businessman I'm sure he's had practice dealing with their cultures. I am hopeful he continues to stand firm against the MSM and fake narrative. I CHOSE to keep my U.S. citizenship and still believe Free Speech is what makes our country so great.
    • [ – ] ClassicalLiberal parent reply I'm horrified by Germany's current policies: Censorship, including the new internet enforcement law shuts up criticism of islamic political ideology, though that clearly supports *violent* antisemitism, misogyny, homophobia, and infidel oppression. Clearly German governments have long thought censoring the right will *prevent* another fascist rise. But political violence/terrorism is hugely on the rise again from islamists, and people pointing this out, eg. AfD members, are being *physically attacked* by the Antifa. Islamists and Antifa are acting like fascists. German law forbids "incitement to hatred against segments of the population and refers to calls for violent or arbitrary measures against them, including assaults against the human dignity of others by insulting, maliciously maligning, or defaming segments of the population." BUT, if your religious text says "beat your wife if you fear disobedience" [sura 4:34], that's just fine. How is that NOT a call for violence ag...moreainst women? But pointing this out can be treated as a 'racist' crime in Germany.
      • winter__leaf parent reply I don't know what Germany was thinking by allowing mass unchecked immigration in from radicalized islamic countries other than to reawaken racial german nationalism. Merkel must be the biggest Naziboo alive.
    • ClassicalLiberal parent reply One more point, Styx: the Identitaere movement in Austria and Germany includes non racist, intelligent people such as Martin Sellner. He has made some English videos, so please have a look. Their argument is the same as that of highly regarded indigenous people in many countries: 'we have nowhere else to go. It's not about being 'white', but about indigenous people being able to to control their borders and have sensible immigration, migrants who appreciate the local culture.' That is not racist. Many indigenous people these days wish they had had that opportunity and power during colonialism. Countries like Japan have protected their indigenous population from large changes. So when you call US white supremacists 'identitaries', I'd just like people to know that the European movement is not racist. Colonial countries need to find fairness for the badly treated indigenous people, and Australia, US, Canada, New Zealand do try to do so. But countries that don't want to be coloniz...moreed, shouldn't be equated with racists if they happen to have a white population. I think the European Identitaries should change their name to Indigenous.
    • ClassicalLiberal parent reply PS, Styx's whole point about freedom of speech *preventing* actual violence is one the German governments of many decades have not supported. They believe, in their laws against "incitement of the masses", that it's exactly free speech that could cause another rise of fascism.
  • [ – ] Menexus reply I simply don't understand the mentality of anyone who is so radical that they feel 'words are equal to violence thus justifies actual violence in reurn'. I've never hit someone I've disagreed with, nor have I ever felt a desire to hurt someone over an opinion, no matter how disgusting or ridiculous that opinion is.
    • [ – ] VybeyPantelonez parent reply It's all by design. Create a knee jerk football team mentality and profit off the divide and conquer tactics. Really lame and also very g4y
      • Menexus parent reply I grew up with "sticks and stones..." I am so fed up with this cry-baby bullshit. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ The more often people's liberty to speak and assemble is violated, the more people will start to use violence to do the talking. We need to prohibit masked protesting, imo. I think that's the best thing we can do to quell the instigation of violence.
    • [ – ] ClassicalLiberal parent reply One sees it in movies all the time: eg. two guys in bar argue, one insults other, fight begins. Even characters we're meant to like. Endless indoctrination that this is somehow 'normal'.
  • [ – ] VybeyPantelonez reply Really intelligent discussion here. Could not agree more on all points. People need to understand that the more fighting and escalation regardless of left/right will only result in more authoritarianism. My guess is that these clashes are being organized by those who seek to gain from enstatement of more authoritarian power structures. Everyone should relax and take a deep breath. Too much knee jerk reaction, not enough middle ground and compromise. Also could use more debate. Good call also on looking to history for foresight.
  • Thurisaz17 reply We in the center need to carefully mediate while staunchly reinforcing liberty and standing our ground against this power struggle. Being passive is just giving up. Not my style.
  • [ – ] RouteDog reply It time for a new american party lose the dems and repubs labels and join the Pirate Party of America. I will steal any good idea from either side.
  • winter__leaf reply Antifa is literally summoning Hitler.
  • [ – ] Phobos_Media reply Sad that only intelligent people will listen to this. Maybe all the dummies will kill themselves off without affecting us?
  • OrionBlastar reply In the USA Liberals control education and the news and entertainment media.
  • Silent_Heaven reply I think the whole damn left has became far left and sjw at this point.
  • [ – ] Auceza reply Nazis also had been Socialists. Socialists beat up Socialists during the end of the Weimarer Republik.
    • [ – ] Forestal parent reply Nazis got their start/success redistributing Jewish wealth-- when that ran out, they started "redistributing" French, Polish, etc. wealth to the great German nation...
      • Auceza parent reply Hitler borrowed a lot of money from the USA and GB. I wouldn't state that the commercial policy of the Nazis had been a total disaster. The Nazis supported the worker class and helped them building homes with cheap loans. The Nazis built highways and upgraded the infrastructure. They pretty soon started wars and switched to war economy. Therefore it's impossible to judge if their commercial policy would have been worked well in the long term. Probably not because Nazis had been Socialists.
  • TheCommonNephil reply Styx is the Man
  • Hornshoe reply Holy shit that was a great vid
  • I3UTM reply I am declaring my channel for those that are for pro-liberty and antiwar. Who's with me? Post your channel below for a united Left and Right. That's about all. Peace out.
  • Aviziotv reply Both dies will fuck you.
  • ErickAlden reply In a dark sense, I almost hope it comes to a civil war. This country has gotten so fucked that I don't see any centrists or reformists fixing anything. Yes, I know there is a chance it gets much worse, but I'd rather take a roll of the dice than continue this bullshit bureaucracy.
  • GregorWayne reply It seems as though the legacy media is legitimately stupid, then. The collapse of the center and rise of fanatics will lead to the co-opting of these media outlets to 'spread the good word' or the complete dismantling of them. Do they have no insight, or is there something more at work?
  • [ – ] JimmyRustlerJohn reply Can you do a vid on Weimar politics so we can get some context on what is going on?
  • Forestal reply Nothing's gonna until the "free press" becomes subject to the laws of incitement, defamation, etc. just like individuals are...subjective application/exemption of the law is what creates division and dissent.
  • tcooper913 reply You have remained coherent while others, whom I respect 100%, have been fumbling for words. There are a number of quotable, Great lines in this video. I watch it repeatedly.
  • Leppa reply In this case, the center is only "weak" because it has no legitimacy. Populist legislation (from either side) gets blocked, while subsidies and special favors are given to Wall Street, Phrma, etc. What we have is a corrupt center. No ideological core except special favors for buddies. And while the far-left and far-right correctly label the problem (corruption in government) the far-left blame capitalism while the far right blame the Jews/blacks/etc. We need a unified movement to pass a 28th Amendment to make campaigned donations illegal (equal airtime/public funding only). No self-funding.
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