President Trump + Protesters

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  • [ – ] AndyOch reply Still looking for that rally that I thought was a blast, here is a tidbit that you may have missed.
    • [ – ] sowhat-vidme parent reply Thank you for that link. I really hate Tapper.
      • AndyOch parent reply It is time to hit rewind so we can recharge, so we can bring manifestations of the old, well thought out experiences. N.V. Peale even said that we had to reread all of his select philosophies once a year. He should have gone further to say, "I have to do this so I do not stray". Many of us have and all that they can see is the Import-Export business life. WE need to export more that we import, to keep "New" peoples from drifting upstream!
  • AndyOch reply I was just looking for a Trump rally that I wanted you to see and I have several Captcha's pop up asking me to prove that I was a human! Can you believe YouTube. They are trying to dehumanize people that look for Trump Video! Unreal!
  • [ – ] Inaflap reply AJ can move a lot faster than I imagined.
    • [ – ] sowhat-vidme parent reply He is quicker than I and he is quite muscular.
      • [ – ] Inaflap parent reply Ha sometimes AJ acts quite mental. So sowhat, do you lift? I gave up the whisky last May, and have been working on my fitness and strength. The booze had to go... well I still have a lot in the cupboard, but I'm not touching it unless it is an emergency.
        • sowhat-vidme parent reply I do not lift and have to quit drinking beer soon, for health reasons. I also smoke cigarettes, whixh is not healthy,of course. I am not that strong anymore, but hope that it will also get better.
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