The End of My 390,000 Subscriber YouTube Channel is Closer Than Ever After THIS!

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  • [ – ] powerofanime1 reply Well I made the jump over here already, here's hoping others soon follow.
    • [ – ] Endeavor-Truth parent reply I made it here a few weeks ago. I'm hoping more will come over as well. I'm fed up with youtube and their bogus strikes against my channel.
  • [ – ] hornsandhops reply You have over 390,000 subscribers at you tube. I'm one of them of course. You are actually my favorite and if i could afford to i would hit up your patreon. I refer MANY people to you for knowledge. I obviously subscribe here too. Fuck You tube.
  • winter__leaf reply Youtube is seriously becoming such a clusterfuck.
  • freethatsfunny reply Getting rid of UTube it sucks!
  • [ – ] SGWaS reply My old YouTube channel was terminated for "violating Community Guidelines," a.k.a. making a few Internet memes. I've done much more good than bad on the channel, so I don't know why they thought that shutting the entire thing down on me was a good idea. My 2nd channel was taken down too, even after I had streamlined the content specifically for YT. YouTube just doesn't have the feeling of creative freedom that it once had 5 or 6 years ago. Now we have to carefully adjust our content to fit the requirements for monetization, and even then you have to make sure it's not "offensive" enough to give you a Guidelines strike. Here's an idea; have another service associated with YouTube called KidsTube, or something like that. All of the family appropriate stuff can go there so us real YouTubers don't have to do this crap, or worry about being striked or terminated for arbitrary reasons, if any at all. Google, take notes.
    • [ – ] HighImpactFlix parent reply Very good idea. Another one could be SJWTube or EasilyOffendedTube....haha
      • [ – ] SGWaS parent reply I sent feedback to YouTube pitching this idea: "Hi, I think it would be a great idea if there was another service associated with YouTube called YouTube Kids, KidsTube or something like that. All of the family-appropriate and educational content can be uploaded there so the people on YouTube that create videos for older viewers can have more leniency in terms of what they can and can't say or show. It would also be easier on the people that run YouTube, since they wouldn't have to monitor YouTube as much. All of the children would be on the YT Kids service instead, bypassing any exposure to inappropriate content. That being said, there should be means of security on YT Kids as well, like creating an algorithm that would analyze videos for inappropriate content while being uploaded or processed. I'm still not sure on this idea, but it may be a good idea to, along with creating YT Kids, have a total age restriction for regular YouTube, requiring a Google account aged 13 or over to v...moreiew any content. So those are my ideas. I personally think that this is a good decision, especially with the new monetization rules and ADL partnership plaguing YouTube as of late. Thanks for reading, SGWaS" It probably won't work, but there is hope.
        • [ – ] VybeyPantelonez parent reply He problem is: they're probably not interested in compromising. They want all the edgy indie content gone, sanitizing their platform so that we don't have an even playing field. This is clear from HIF's situation and many others. They simply want only mainstream content on their platform. I've been on yt for years and it's clear how things have been changing as of late. As for now, vidme provides a more level playing field and if the devs of vidme play their cards right: they will be rich. They are in a unique position to profit enormously while also saving this country.. only question is: will they remain neutral??? I sure hope so. I already can see that vidme is a MUCH better platform for having conversations because i actually can see "oh i got a notification of reply"
          • SGWaS parent reply Yeah, YouTube is probably the most generic video sharing service I've seen, at least the popular content is. The experience I've had with YT seems...robotic and controlled in some way. :/
  • [ – ] Justinkandrews1 reply What youtube is doing sucks there hell bent on censoring free speech. Teachers brain washing kids. And politicians starting wars
  • Liberty_Surveillance reply I should buy lottery tickets. I see things a bit earlier. I told my web page developer NOT to optimize for google since I felt it was going to take a big his soon. This was a year and a half ago. I also saw the fall of MCI 3 years before it collapsed. I got into the surveillance market before it was fashionable. We're running out of options and I don't see anything out there that cannot be squashed.
  • Liberty_Surveillance reply I'll follow you since I se your efforts as essential. Not always agreement in everything but onthe big subjects...for sure.
  • [ – ] forcealpine reply Brian, I'm down with sending you some money but what's up with the 10% fee? What billionaire, asshole banker is benefiting from my small donation to you?
    • VybeyPantelonez parent reply You can use tip on this site to support him and a portion of the proceeds go to the vidme staff. Bandwidth and space is not free, you know. It is the only way this site will stay independent and level.
    • HighImpactFlix parent reply Fee? If you send money, under "pay or send money" you'll wanna use the "Send to friends and family in the US" tab. It's free when you use a bank or the balance of your PayPal account. Thank you SO much, my friend! I really appreciate it!
    • Liberty_Surveillance parent reply I noticed that too. I used paypal and didn't pay a fee for other channels I support.
  • [ – ] TZReviews reply expand (possible spam) I do both here and youtube but if I know that a video is gonna be controversial I will only put it up here, they are getting so damned annoying with all the crap they are trying to pull with the ads and crap.
  • Stalin2000 reply Best of luck with your channel, but I'm not subscribing to anything on YT lol
  • [ – ] rk4n3 reply Hi Brian - I tried looking for "HighImpactVlogs" and "High Impact Vlogs" on both youtube and vidme, with no results found ... am I missing something ?
    • [ – ] HighImpactFlix parent reply For some reason it won't show up on a google search. Here's the link: If that doesn't take you's a link to one of the videos: You should be able to get to the Vlog channel through that. Thank you my friend!
      • [ – ] either_or parent reply you do know google/yt have openly stated that they will hide search results and/or redirect you to playlists that will re-educate you if you have been guilty of wrongthink, right?
  • [ – ] VybeyPantelonez reply Oucccchhhhhhhhh 🤕
  • CrimsonCaper reply Hey there Brian, how's things? I have to let you know that I received my McDonald's McDeath t-shirt just last week and I have to say that it's a conversation starter. A lot think it's just a Rotten Ronnies tee until they stop and really take a good look. I would say that about 15-10 ppl ask where I got my tee at and I proudly inform them of your site. This tee is my fave and I love wearing it in public. I can't wait to walk into Rotten Ronnies l8r this week just to see what happens. I'll definitely keep you in the know as root what happens. You should make site hold tee of Burger King next; I'd wear that one too. L8R.
  • BIG_Gez reply ?
  • Platypus67 reply This sucks mighty balls! You're one of my favorite content creators and as soon as you got here on VidMe i followed you here aswell as i did on censortube. I can't fight the feeling this move is a deliberate action from goolag... Fuck these dishonest bastards!! Keep up your great work!!! I love it and send your vids to as many people i can think of!!
  • itsjuststanley reply sorry about suck but what else can we do?i just subscribed to your other channel
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