3 Characters You Didn't Know Were Gay

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  • [ – ] RetroBacon reply This video was stupid and I have no idea why you made it, but I love it, TJ.
  • [ – ] Valhar2000 reply You made a big mistake in the last one. Miss Piggy is not the hottest muppet; she is the most repulsive one, because she is a hardcore Feminist (or a parody of one). It's no surprise that Kermit wants nothing to do with her. In fact, recently, Kermit broke up with Miss Piggy and got hitched to an Asian pig, who is hotter than Miss Piggy and much nicer.
  • Greeley reply One of my main arguments for liking Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind was that you can kill characters that make it impossible for you to complete the main story. You get a message on your screen however, saying something along the lines of "reload your save or continue to live in this doomed world you've created" Also TJ's turning the frickin frogs gay!!
  • [ – ] ScotchBunny reply This is better than BuzzFeed
  • AaronPB1 reply But TJ...Olive Oil has a killer personality.
  • Ryan_Basha_ reply Hope you get more money from this
  • OrionBlastar reply Popeye and Bluto/Brutus fight over Olive Oyl who is a transgender skinny woman. Sort of changes those cartoons, etc? Miss Piggy is always physically and emotionally abusing Kermit, no wonder he wants to be rid of her. But yeah the Federal Government used Chemtrails to put them in the waters he lives in to make the frogs gay according to Alex Jones, so maybe Jones was right on one of his conspiracy theories. Also, Woman Woman is a lesbian or at least Bisexual, Batman and Superman are gay for each other and like Popeye and Bluto fight over Wonder Woman. Lois Lane served as Superman's beard until he met Wonder Woman, and DC retroconed the books, etc. Yeah, Spider-Man is gay too, go figure.
  • BananaQiGong reply The big puffy guy, sure maybe. Popeye's a straight shooter. The Karate Kid was just, I believe, stupid plot-holes that somebody didn't think through properly. Kermit's reference was intended to liken the calling voices to the Sirens of old sailing lore, that would lure unwitting sailors to crash into rocks. When you said "making green eggs & ham" I seriously had to pause the video to laugh.
  • Barbed1 reply Hauntingly beautiful and somewhat pungently odiferous but all in all I give it a 9.0
  • TrashNoodles reply This is a wonderful shot post of a video.
  • VeryUs_Mumblings reply First of all: Olive oil may be a walking coat rack with a shrill singing voice, but to two sailors that have been shipped-out for several months, she's Extra Virgin Oilive Oil with fresh lettuce and two tomatoes. Besides, if two sailors were 'into each other' they'd be doing their play fighting out at sea, not on shore. Second, if Mister Miyagi were gay, he would've been much gayer on a show called Happy Days rather than Karate Kid, and wouldn't spend so much time teaching Ralph Macchio to 'wax on' and 'wax off' when his energy could be better spent. Third, Kermit can't be gay, if Kermit were gay, then in the old tv shows, he'd be super-gay and be surrounded by frogs. Think of Gonzo, that thing is hot for chickens and he ain't frying 'em up with some french fries, he calls them his 'girls' and 'ladies' and gives them singing lessons. Kermit isn't gay. Dr Bunsen Honeydew is gay! He invented a banana-sharpener!
  • EdwardBlighty reply 'Miss piggy - who is easily the hottest muppet' I wasn't ready for that line haha I'm floored.
  • TomSawyerPiper reply GAY ALL THE CHARACTERS!!!
  • NathanMousey reply I believe you are wrong on all three counts but your video was thought-provoking.
  • TPComedy reply Kermit had to turn gay cuz all the women go for Gonzo. Can't pass up that nose. Awesome video!
  • JoeXG reply I’m absolutely for reading into subtext to find subtle queer characters... But I sure hope TJ stretched before he made some of these reaches. Also, who the hell says “pederast?”
  • Verepaine reply soo TJ doesnt know what homosexual is???
  • FireRam reply I dont know where you done your research for this video but there a are far too many contradictions to support your theorys in this video but with that said the video was still enjoyable.
  • neobak reply TJ Kirk erotic fanfics.. a reading.
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