Mbappe, Aubameyang, Lukaku Linked With Man Utd? | Manchester United Transfer Rumours!

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  • [ – ] andy_0807 reply I would rather pay 150 million for neymar then a 100 mill on lukaku or 115 mill on mbappe. now that would make a statement. auba is my choice. fast, great goalscorer and right age.....
    • [ – ] TheUnitedStand parent reply Do you think Neymar is a possibility? Or is it pie in the sky?
      • andy_0807 parent reply Neymar is a no go but mbappe had one good season. All the hype that he's the new thierry Henry. We didn't have Henry yet we dominated the league. Auba definitely is the best option. Proven and no crazy money quoted
  • [ – ] liQuid_kuRAGE reply Would be a shock, Jose spending that much on an 18yr old. Would rather Aubameyang or Lukaku. Prefer the former.
  • lynnehall reply Sounding very much like this bidding war is for Mbappe. Really hoping this isn't just Woodward making a big splash in the market to appease fans whilst already knowing Mbappe doesn't want to come to us. Don't trust him. It'll be Neymar next. I want to see us bid big on a top striker we have a good chance of getting such as Aubameyang or Belotti. Until then I'll be sceptical.
  • [ – ] SuperAgentRed reply I think around 60m beacuse he wants to leave. Vidme is alright will take some time getting used to but hopefully YouTube will be sorted.
  • [ – ] Widdums7 reply Personally, I would prefer to have lukaku. Premier league proven, can bully any defender on his day and can score goals against smaller teams (something we need desperately).
    • [ – ] TheUnitedStand parent reply Lukaku certainly is PL proven... just like Kane. But do you think he would be good enough in a United shirt?
      • [ – ] Widdums7 parent reply For me. Mbappe isn't what United need. Far too inexperienced, We need players In their prime. Lukaku is nearing his prime years and I think would link up perfectly with Paul Pogba. They are great friends off the pitch, so they are bound to help link the midfield to the attack better.
        • [ – ] TheUnitedStand parent reply Do you think Lukaku would come though, or is he on his way to Chelsea under Conte?
          • [ – ] Widdums7 parent reply Chelsea would probably be his preferred destination. Though Chelsea's forward line is pretty occupied at the moment. He may feel that he will get more game time at United, especially if Diego Costa stays. But should he leave, I would expect Lukaku to join Chelsea as his replacement.
            • [ – ] Widdums7 parent reply May I ask why you have changed your video platform?
              • [ – ] TheUnitedStand parent reply We haven't changed, we are still very much part of YouTube. However, FIFA put in an unjust copyright claim which has stopped all live content on the main channel for 90 days. We realised it's a good idea to be on 2 platforms. What's your opinion?
                • [ – ] Widdums7 parent reply It's great. Implementing the channel on multiple platforms is a good way of reaching more people. Good decision in my opinion. I'm sure it will be copied soon enough by rival channels of yours.
                  • TheUnitedStand parent reply It's my understanding that Vidme was given a $6M cash injection in December 2016, which is when they changed the entire platform. This is very much in it's infancy. YouTube started out the same. #FirstNeverFollows
                  • Widdums7 parent reply Exactly. I see FTD have copied your Skype show now. Just like they did with your live watch along concept. Your certainly the superior fan channel, without question.
  • TheUnitedStand reply Please remember to Upvote the video and follow the channel!
  • [ – ] calarm7 reply Should get aubamayang perfect striker for rashford to learn and develop off similar players
  • [ – ] lynnehall reply Jose loves Mbappe but Mbappe wants Real & Real want him. Like him a lot but just can't see him coming to United, especially if his alleged comments about Mourinho's style of play are true. Don't want Lukaku & he seems to prefer Chelsea. I'm really hoping this bidding war is for Aubameyang or Belotti & we win it! We need to!
    • [ – ] TheUnitedStand parent reply Lukaku tends to bottle it in the big games, but his goals would be a massive boost for United, who struggle to score at present.
      • lynnehall parent reply If we're only going to sign one tol striker it needs to be someone who can win us matches at the highest level, not just get 20+ goals against average teams, useful though that is. Maybe Jose could improve Lukaku but for the money we can do better imo.
  • [ – ] TheUnitedStand reply If you had to choose between Aubameyang and Mbappe, who would you choose?
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