World of Warcraft | Girls Don't Play WoW?

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  • [ – ] Inyourclosetgamers reply Im a girl XD and I play wow people still think girls dont play wow but if thats the case why are weirdos still trying to hit on my hunter of im "a guy"
    • SpiceCraft parent reply I play both genders. Sometimes I do feel I'm receiving unsolicited attention when I am playing with female toons. Once I let the person know I'm male IRL the reactions get kind of mixed lol
  • [ – ] Nyyght reply I'm a girl and I've been playing WoW for years. I don't really notice being treated differently on a female or male character. Then again, I'm usually RPing or PvPing. :D Nice video!
    • SpiceCraft parent reply Tyvm for the view , upvote and follow! As stated in the video, I play both genders as well. Occasionally, my female toons will be "hit on", once I let them know the deal, they back off. lol
  • [ – ] bunniiBGG reply i personally always stayed away from wow cause i know it to be addictive lol but in most games i do typically choose girls characters and occasionally choose male. and i wouldnt say that everyone thinks im a girl when i play as a girl. a lot of times people assume im a guy pretending lol but yes LOTS of girls play wow and other games. but they dont always reveal their gender :P
    • SpiceCraft parent reply Thanks for your input. In most cases I'm sure this is probably a non-issue at best. This was just a video response to the old cliche you may occasionally see in chat stating that "Girls Don't Play WoW". Thanks for watching!
  • Inyourclosetgamers reply lol my boyfriend always plays as a female character but he said its because they have better customization in the barbershop
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