Study Indicates Anonymous Job Applications may be Counter-Productive

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  • [ – ] isaneinthemembrane reply Very good comment at the end Politiekman. Until I went on line I realised how little I thought I knew. I have not watched any MSM (Veritas) since which has only been three years. I will go back through your work but I have to concentrate as this is only fair for all your work. Thank you again.
    • Politiekman parent reply Thank you. I get how you feel. It is only when we acquire a certain amount of knowledge, that we realise how much there is yet to be discovered.
  • [ – ] isaneinthemembrane reply This is more proof that it is natures fault and not the mans fault that men are better at most thing than women. Feminists blame all men no matter what data is supplied that it is men who stop them from becoming the CEO's etc. It is never their fault, O no it's always the man. Career choices, willing to work harder and children stop most women not men. I think ALL job apps should be blind as once again the cards are stacked against the man.
    • Politiekman parent reply I agree, feminists tend to pain men as some sort of evil, nigh omnipotent entity which has the oppression of women as its sole purpose. Studies like these show that is not necessarily true. You're also correct in your observation about different career choices. Women are far more likely to work part-time and/or take a few years off to look after the children. That's fine, but that will hurt your chances of becoming CEO. That's not oppressive, it's simple cause and effect. But hey, we can't expect women to bear the consequences of their actions like an adult. That's not the feminist way!
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