Youtube Policy change on making money

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  • MysticSword reply Yeah, I just read about this news earlier. Overall I agree with what you say. If a YouTube channel had less than 10,000 views, then they would hardly be earning anything anyways (a few cents or perhaps a few dollars if they were lucky). For me making content is a creative & artistic outlet for me that I enjoy doing and I like to share with others in hopes that some people will find my videos entertaining or informative. Sure, it would be great to be able to earn an income doing it, enough to perhaps even earn a living from it. I think that would be like a "dream job". But realistically, at least for now, I do it for the enjoyment of it and to hopefully have a positive influence to others that view my videos. Though I had a channel on YouTube for a few years, I'm still new to VidMe, but so far I'm really loving it here and how welcoming and appreciative the community seems to be towards the content Creators. VidMe now feels like my new "home". Cheers! :)
  • BeardedGamer reply Thank you very much... I am enjoying Vidme as well.. please to meet you!
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