100 Follower Special - Part 2

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  • [ – ] GHondo reply Ahhh, there's that TTS... :) 6:05 - That's so nice. Makes me feel all warm & gooey. In my pants. Wait, what? :) So this level is pretty difficult, but the camera angles just make it artificially way harder. That sucks. 15:15 - Ahhh, so this where that one part from part 1 came from (the only part that wasn't just "fuck" over and over). Noice. :) 26:45 - "It's hard for all the wrong reasons!" - so, i take it there's no greased up Brazilian lesbian porn involved, then? :) 29:10 - ROM hack or not, there is NEVER a good reason to put an elastic around your nut sack. Trust me, it's not... errr, so I've heard! :)
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