Is Youtube Trampling on Your Right to Assemble? #freespeechmatters

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  • Iamnotmyideak reply I wish they would have some honesty with their terms of agreement. They could just say - We reserve the right to invalidate your rights to free speech, whenever we choose. We will also punish you financially on a whim and give you strikes to tell you off. If you continue to disrespect our authority we will ban you. Basically, we reserve the right to treat you like ungrateful naughty children who have to be kept in line, because the customer is always right. You are not the customer you are the consumer, and although you are our life blood and we would be nothing without you, we feel in no way responsible to you. Really. Sign up now.
  • [ – ] nomadic reply Thank you for the Video, keep up the fight fellow warrior.
    • Socore parent reply Thanks for the feedback! I am working on making better content. I am just a noob content creator.
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