VIDME GOONS PODCAST EP. 10 ► VidME Subscriptions & Our Worst Paranormal Encounters

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  • [ – ] RubenLeija reply This was a dope podcast. I don't think premium content on Vidme is a bad thing. If you think about it, TV is premium content and people are more than willing to pay for it. Money is a necessary evil my friends.
    • DookisWatching parent reply Which is why I'd like Vidme to go back to what it was. Just good content, no drama or money bullshit. Money can build and also destroy just as fast
  • [ – ] Blizznerd reply This is sick! How can i get into this shit?!
    • ShakeOfMilk parent reply you have to be shit in order to become shit. That's the teaching that Dookie has taught us
    • [ – ] DookisWatching parent reply Don't listen to my friend here, he's a little slow. We usually find people we think would make good conversation. And we ask 😁. We're ironing out a few things trying to make the cast better but we'll bring guests back on soon enough. Who knows we may even ask you 💩
  • [ – ] ChaoticGaming reply damn shake with that c word damn!!!!
  • [ – ] xGlitterPantsx85 reply Fuckin A guys those stories 😳 I had to look over my shoulder a couple of times. I like the sub feature, but I do think Vidme needs more viewers. U can't have a website filled with creators subbing to each other, the site won't ever grow. Also @ShakeOfMilk regarding your mic, remember XLR has a cleaner sound, you have a USB mic correct? Dookie has a mixer and Gary's mic has always been godlike so. Awesome cast guys, can't wait for the next one!
  • [ – ] itsOnlyRawman reply It's a great time when you mess up the intro. It's real! Friends banter so much and it all goes pear shaped lol. I'm pretty sure amazon works with PayPal that's what i been using I'm sure haha now I'm confused if i ever did use PayPal. "I watch from beggining to end! Not 10 seconds and put a comment!" I love that!! Best thing I've heard in a while! That comment is my life. It's very clear if someone sees my comments i watch and pay attention and try to leave a comment that shows i watch everyone's videos... It might not be what everyone wants to read but it shows i pay attention and care for your comment i feel. I'm about to sleep so I'm gunna send this comment before finishing I'm suddenly very tired. But if i don't sleep straight away I'll comment more as a reply to mine... But i am loving this podcast!
    • [ – ] DookisWatching parent reply We're in talks to have you on btw. Just FYI we hold nothing back. 😂
      • itsOnlyRawman parent reply Yooooo!!! The number one podcast on the internet are considering a British ponse for a special guest haha!!!
    • itsOnlyRawman parent reply Dude!!! I don't even believe in paranomal activity at all!! But that "pale hand" story freaked me out!! You said it so believable that even me who is super skeptical was convinced. I got chills and goosebumps. I was hearing the story while nodding off before and it was freaking me out I was dreaming some weird stuff. I swear the this whole paranormal stuff is super creepy. Tips for anyone. Don't watch this one at night or before a nap. "Rawdog" is one of the best sayings ever haha. "Gary how big is your..." Anyways... haha. #GoonsCast i get that you guys love streaming. But do you consider 1 shot vlogs or no edit let's play lazy content? (I'll comment this question too in a regular comment in case replying to my own comment you don't see). Gary is a fabricator!!! He's a fantastic editor! Quality is amazing!
  • [ – ] 7and7Gaming reply awesome and interesting podcast, enjoyed it guys!
  • [ – ] Branbert reply I have a story to share about paranormal activity.. One time i was watching a video here on vidme and suddenly i heard someone say "BOOOOOOOO" and a scary image popped up on the screen for like a sec then the video kept playing.. I was so scared! specially because the video was about slenderman.
  • itsOnlyRawman reply #GoonsCast i get that you guys love streaming. But do you consider 1 shot vlogs or no edit let's play lazy/boring content? I know lazy/boring is subjective and it's hard to determine because someone like dashie destroys that argument lol. Follow-up to this question. How do you feel about people who put down a style of content because they don't enjoy it or don't connect to it?
  • MutantPixel reply My rear is unscathed. But then, neither do I give a fuck. Great stories and such. I feel like the Sub option is fine, it's optional and all of my content will remain free. If some one wants to sub then cool, but it's all about the community to me.
  • Calibri_Funtimes reply Yo! Paranormal encounters are fascinating to me!! Thanks for sharing!!
  • iAmEnglishTV reply Nice podcast guys!
  • [ – ] Drezz_ reply Dook, don't worry about the intro. Maybe THAT should be the intro - you guys always fucking up at the start LOL. Some points: 1) vidme right now is creator heavy only because its viewed as a YouTube alternative to CREATORS. The only way it'll grow is by creators constantly promoting the site to REGULAR VIEWERS as an ad-free alternative. Eventually it will hit mainstream and viewers will come - vidme is still in its infancy and we need to be patient. 2) Money does ruin things - but vidme needs to find a way to create an economy so its self sustaining and it can be sold or monetized in a manner that will pay the investors back. Taking a cut of patronage money is one way, but we'll be seeing ads on the site or corporate sponsorships like Twitch. 3) I like the sub model, but its gonna have some growing pains. I see vidme turning into a mix of Patreon and YouTube Red.
  • ShakeOfMilk reply Question, how big yalls dick? asking for a friend.
  • [ – ] ShakeOfMilk reply @LegendGary323 is the salt of the earth
  • WooFit reply hey!! this was GREAT!! hilarious and very entertaining! Keep up the great content!
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