How many times do i say XENA | The 90s tag!!! part 1

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  • xOdarbiOx reply allow me to demonstrate my point in an article that may explain things better and more clearly for those mis interpreting my smacking with child abuse :/ why i must do this is beyond me but some people have a hard time grasping concepts.
  • [ – ] lewren reply I'll remember that next time my woman disrespect me, to smack her around that is :) Excellent advice and logic, right?
    • [ – ] xOdarbiOx parent reply if you need to discipline a child if they require it, so they grow up to respect people and become civilized human being, then discipline is used correctly. what you are talking about is abuse, it doesn't take much common sense to figure out the difference.
      • [ – ] lewren parent reply So, its abuse to beat a person that is fully developed and should perfectly understand what you are trying to convey by words, but its not abuse to beat a child that is not fully developed that you have full responsibility for and you are the main source of reason and understanding for? Ok, so by that logic, its okay for your child to beat you when you get old and your brain isn't working properly either? Just, wow... I'm of course being facetious when I say I'd discipline anyone with violence. Just using it as an example to point out how completely ridiculous your notion of discipline is. Child-abuse (or discipline as you call it) has shown to lower IQ, and seeing how we're trying to make people smarter and not dumber as the generations go on, I can only hope that you don't have any children yourself before you grow up and start thinking like a fully developed adult that can handle the simple task of communicating verbally with a child.
        • [ – ] xOdarbiOx parent reply a smack on the hand, legs or backside when the child needs it never hurt any 90s kid. brought up a generation of decent humans. if you cant tell the difference between child abuse or abuse in general then maybe you should rethink your upbringing. also you referring to your woman as YOUR woman, shows how much little respect you show the common person. no human owns another human
          • [ – ] lewren parent reply You are here, openly suggesting that small children should be smacked (your own word)- yet you try and claim that it never hurt anyone? Are you serious? Do you realize how absolutely unreasonable you sound? To smack a person, that is completely dependent on you, that you have the responsibility for developing and that has not been fully developed? Again, wow! There is no difference between abuse and the way you define discipline. Its just that simple. I understand you tried to take the high horse of feminism there, but my woman is a fully grown adult and call herself 'his woman' and vice versa. If she don't want to call herself that, she wouldn't be my woman anymore now would she. But I wouldn't expect someone like you to understand the respect-aspect of that whole notion seeing how you are fully okay with beating little children. You have obviously deeper issues than this conversation conveys. Its clear nobody is going to change your mind, but if anything at least people coming acr...moreoss your channel now can see what kind of a monster you are.
            • xOdarbiOx parent reply people are free to view me how they want. if this is your views then so be it. my views are my own. thank you for voicing yours. just as i have done here.
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