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  • [ – ] Naturenerd1000 reply Vidme VS YouTube Subscription Box Vidme 1 Algorithm long term Youtube 1 Algorithm for new videos Vidme 2 Live Stream YouTube exclusive 2 Independence from ads Tipping and subscription system Vidme 3 Youtube Patreon 3 Comments Youtube slight edge edit button 4 Interaction Rate comments and up votes Vidme 4 YouTube Playlist 5 Uploading Youtube slight edge for beginners 6 Vidme new creators 0 1 gig limit Partners Vidme 6 = YouTube 7 Uploads unlimited YouTube Adsence 8 Ease of Email notifications YouTube 9 Analytic Information Youtube 10 Channel Youtube slight edge unlimited description and ability to feature channels. Vidme freedom of speech and less BS unfair copy right. 7 Mobile App YouTube 11 Community Vidme 8 Front Page Featured page Vidme 9 YouTube 11 pts Vidme 9 pts.
    • MUMS-Universe parent reply @Naturenerd1000 has an app now. It's pretty good & it allows you to share vidme vids via text which is pretty cool & a feature that I'm starting to use a lot when I watch vids that I really like & want to share w/ friends. Everything else you stated is pretty correct & nice to see the attributes broken down like that.
  • [ – ] Hoshi-Hana reply You have some nice points^^ I really love Vidme. I must admit your accent made me a bit curious. Are you by any chance from DK? It sounds kinda Danish. It's okay if you don't wanna answer. :)
  • MUMS-Universe reply Good vid! Totally agree with you. makes itself better than YouTube because it is trying to assist creators in being successful & not just use them as cash-cows which is YouTube's 1st & main goal (no matter how it affects creators). Vidme added ads so it'll be interesting to see how this works for everyone. Analytics for creators is a big one & will allow #vidme & its creators to take the next big step.
  • [ – ] whako reply I am having a great day thanks for asking bud :)
  • [ – ] ELBADGAMER reply i have a nice day :3
  • [ – ] Boxing_TV reply Honestly in my opinion vidme sucks and it's trash
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