Trump calls Kim Jong Un Rocket Man, Threatens to Destroy North Korea

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  • [ – ] Brandon95 reply Where was everyone's outrage when Obama said that the US could destroy North Korea if we wanted to? Oh that's right they said absolutely fucking nothing! But if Trump says the same thing they're suddenly up in arms, the hypocrisy is unbelievable.
    • VybeyPantelonez parent reply The partisan game of grabass is getting old lolol... these people are more concerned with their party than the overall condition of country as a whole
  • MrFixIt reply I loved Trump's speech. Trump is ma nigga!
  • LexiKEKographer reply I love that Trump has carried over his proclivity for name calling into his international relationships. It's truly one of his greatest skills.
  • HenrikG reply Historically, I have to correct you. It was actually the UN who gave the green light to the original korean war. The russians boycotted the security counsil, and China was, at the time, represented by Taiwan.. Without that war, all of Korea would have been under communist dictatorship, under something like Kim-Jong-Un. And the war actually never ended. There was an armistice. In practice, the UN and North Korea are still at war. The last time the UN actually did something worthy, was during the Congo crisis. It was also the last time swedish soldiers went into a real war. But the UN of today? Nah... It is just a democracy of piggish dictatorships.
  • Discoveryman reply The world need more people like trump in government, don't get my wrong I'm not saying he's a great leader but he cuts the bullshit and talks plain. I'm SO tired of all the PC bullshit.
  • SkogComplex reply The only thing the UN acts resolute on is attacking White countries with imposed dieversity.
  • [ – ] Benthejrporter reply That Elton John song is going through my head.
    • thehfgman parent reply Hello, baby hello Haven't seen your face for a while Have you quit doing time for me Or are you still the same spoiled child.
  • [ – ] Tangara reply NK is a massive deposit of natural ressources worked by slaves barely even fed and the outcome sold for scraps to China. This funds developments of all neighbouring countries and int. tech corporations like Apple.
    • [ – ] VybeyPantelonez parent reply Use the proceeds to repay the average taxpayer for this bill which will be over a trillion.
      • [ – ] Tangara parent reply Its hard to see how something obtained for free will be profitable by paying market price for it. But I won't exclude the possibility, Minimum wages did prove more profitable than slavery afterall. I am more concerned about fighting a regime that is utterly hostile to its own population. It might turn too bloody for the western "contributors".
        • Tangara parent reply I guess what I am trying to get at, is that NK is a prison where the inmates might not even be able to recognise they are being liberated. And if that is the case, they are going to need instant survival assistance or we (the "west") may as well leave them to die in the mines/do nothing.
  • TheAverageAirsofter reply Does anybody else think of the Elton John song when Trump says "rocket man?"
  • VybeyPantelonez reply So if we get involved... i guess that means im not getting any tax relief 😭😭😭😭
  • Thurisaz17 reply Allow me to start here: And here: No one ever points these things out. Iran and North Korea are in a joint arms development program. Sure, Trump pointed out both as a threat, but even Captain 4D chess didn't make the connection. It's a farce. Instead, he blames Iran for funding terrorist groups that, in fact, Saudi Arabia funds. Iran only funds Hezbollah because the vast majority of the other orgs are Sunni, like Saudi Arabia, which is Iran's sworn enemy as a Shiite state. They hate Saudi Arabia more than they hate Israel. But I digress. The situation is a lot darker than anyone thinks or is willing to admit. Shutting down North Korea will send a very heavy message to Iran, and shutting down Obama's nuclear deal will slam the ...moredoor shut.
  • [ – ] I3UTM reply I guess I will be that lone dissenting voice that is against any pre-emptive strike of North Korea. Yes, I'm that Libertarian. Also, too much Ken Burns' "The Vietnam War." What country has the DPRK attacked in the seventy years? Conversely, what countries has the U.S. attacked? I will agree to disagree will all points made by Styx.
    • [ – ] brileevir parent reply +I3UTM NK Korea has launched artillery shells into SK on several occasions, killing people. It has also seized at least one US vessel in international matters. Then there's the small matter of kidnappings in SK and Japan. On a separate note, anyone who thinks military action is only justified when the US is directly attacked has a hopelessly naive understanding of geopolitics. I was never on board wrt to Iraq and Libya, but other than that, I think the US has a pretty good record of doing the right thing - both geopolitically and morally. You show me any other hyperpower that you think would behave as responsibly as we have.
      • [ – ] GSP-4ME parent reply rofl, I think you're forgetting a few other official and 'unofficial' wars. Welcome to 'post constitutional United States'
        • [ – ] brileevir parent reply +GSP-4ME You might try making some specific claims. That would help your credibility. And no, I don't approve of the behavior of either Dubya or Obummer/Shillary. But, to Dubya's credit, he did go through Congress to get approval for the Iraq war. Obummer doesn't have that excuse wrt to Libya.
          • [ – ] GSP-4ME parent reply Yeah, went through Congress for approval,..and lied to them; woops, a million odd lives destroyed ,sorry about that, our bad, but hey! Lookie! New oil contracts. As for providing proof, I'll give one example - bombing Yemen, the poorest country on Earth, on behalf of Saudi Arabia. That's your tax dollars hard at work.
            • [ – ] brileevir parent reply GSP-4ME You're reaching, like most conspiracy theorists. The intelligence agencies believed that Iraq had WMDs. And Colin Powell went to the UN with that intelligence Turned out not to be true, but that doesn't make it a lie. Look up the definition of a lie - I think intent figures somehow. Understanding that fact requires a certain conceptual clarity - which you obviously lack. All your example does show is just how disingenuous/ignorant/incompetent you are. The US does nominally support the democratically elected government of Yemen against the Houthi rebels. Oh, so immoral! You really need to do better if you want to be taken seriously.
              • [ – ] GSP-4ME parent reply Maybe you're right,..maybe be I shouldn't use 'Lie,..maybe,..'deception' is a better word,..just saying,... Don't take my work for it, lol, take theirs. For a pretty detailed explanation, here you go. Peace out
                • [ – ] brileevir parent reply +GSP-4ME You do realize that deception and lie are synonyms? You might want to buy a thesaurus. Intent matters. People are wrong all the time without lying. This isn't even a subtle distinction, and yet you fail to grasp it. 1) The YT link opens with John Stewart. It appeared to be total cringe so I stopped watching about 1min in. 2) Politifact says that the bush administration formed ISG AFTER the war started, in order find WMDs, that they believed Iraq possessed - otherwise why form the group? Again, there's nothing here establishing intent to deceive. 3) I find it truly humorous that you think the Intercept article proves your point: "Saddam Hussein was not trying to hide the chemical munitions found by the US." Read: Saddam was wrong, but he wasn't lying. E.g, there was no intent to deceive and intent is crucial. Thanks for proving my point for me.
                  • [ – ] GSP-4ME parent reply Did I realize lie and deception are synonyms? Oh my, we DO have a sharp tool the shed today, I better be on my guard. View all of 1) - yes, it's cheezy, but it makes it's point. You might find it amusing, if nothing else : ) Point number 2) Yeah, you're right. Read all of 3) - only if you're interested in the nuance of the WMD accusations. The war cost the destruction of 1 million innocent lives, $US 1 Trillion dollars over 7 years and was based on a 'lie',..or as you would say,..a 'woops, my bad'. Not sure how much a sniper bullet costs though,..oh well,..time we invaded North Korea. Keep it real dude/dudette, Good Hunting <-- this is code for 'Time for me to move on' For the love of god,..stop watching CNN
                    • [ – ] brileevir parent reply +GSP-4ME Funny, I distinctly remember always being against Iraq war. I just don't like your disingenuous BS. CNN? You're dreaming. You might want to try moving on yourself.
                      • GSP-4ME parent reply I wasn't against getting rid of Saddam, but I was against the idea of having a war to do it. If you don't like my, so called 'disingenuous BS', well,.. I don't care. However, i digress. This isn't about me,..or about you. It's about whether the Iraq war was based on a deceptive narrative. My only advice is - don't have confirmation bias, and do your own research. ...and yes, i'll take my own advice as well. Cheers.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply As usual the main stream media like to focuse on just the most sensentional statements but it continues to ignores the message about fighting radicial Islamic terrorist in Africa. Trump sponsored a working lunch with Africa leaders at the 6:20 minute mark Trump pledges to help them fight Radical ISLAMIC GROUPS named ISIS, Al, Shabaab, Boko Haram and Al Qaeda. in both videos of this meeting that western main stream media is ignoring. President Trump Attend a working lunch with African leaders September 20, 2017 President Donald Trump Speaks to African United Nations Leaders US President Donald Trump on Wednesday hosted President Muhammadu Buhari and other African leaders to a working lunch on the sidelines of the 72nd UN General Assembly in New York.
  • mdvisin reply People are talking about the cost of having a war with NK, what would the cost be in dollars and people killed. Lets also not forget his bio-warfare, cyber attack and EMP capabilities. So yes it might cost a bit to attack North Korea, well worth it.
  • [ – ] respawn reply Never seen so much hypocricy in one speech before. Just about everything he accused other countries of, the US are guilty of themselves.
    • [ – ] macrox6 parent reply you talking about Styx, Kim Jong Un, or Trump, man?
      • [ – ] respawn parent reply Trump. Though I'm not happy about Styx wanting North Korea attacked.
        • macrox6 parent reply He's taking into account what we can do at this moment. Seems pretty clear Kim Jong Un here will not back down(I am not gonna wait for one city to be nuked before we actually DO something). And from what I see, what Styx has given out the best option there is, Shell the fuck out of Kim Jong Un(possibly with non nukes), while letting the S. Koreans and Japanese to walk around the place for reunification. No American should reach N Korean soil cause it will be a bloodbath. And what else would anyone expect, really? Kimmy boy here isn't listening to reason and from what I see, the sanctions are doing worth dick. I'll admit the US isn't really the most benevolent "Police State" we got, but at the very least, it's doing it's job to ensure world peace. N Korea is threatening that by shooting 2 goddamn missiles up Japan, JAPAN of all places, like the most pacifistic country there is cause of what the US did to it. This is a war I can abide onto. Just saying. I won't abide to the Vietnam W...morear(cause we really couldn't do shit there), nor the Iraq war(cause stupid reasons, plus legacy media= stupid ass war), but this, this is a war against a bully of the east Asian countries. And they all backing down, even the then fear of the US entering the war, China.
    • [ – ] brileevir parent reply +respawn I love the USA haters. Iraq and Libya were huge mistakes. But other than that, there are defensible cases to be made for basically all military interventions conducted by the US the last 100 years. This is includes helping to end two world wars that we didn't start and helping to rebuild both Europe and Japan afterwards. I also don't see any of the misery seen in countries like Venezuala. Nor is the US responsible for anything like the tens of millions (if not more) deaths caused by communism in the Soviet Union and China. And finally, we don't throw gays off roofs or behead people in the public square. Not do we take sex slaves like ISIS. You need to work on your perspective.
      • [ – ] macrox6 parent reply Gotta admit though man, the "land of the free" mantra that you guys said so much back then is backfiring on you. THe more I look at America the more I honestly see a socialist country(with capitalists in command rather than the government). Don't get me wrong I don't want America to fall, cause it's ideals still make the world go round. but I'm seeing bad shit coming our way as time passes on. The fact that most left wing people THINK Donald Trump is a racist rather than venerate him for taking down Hitle- I mean Hillary a peg.
        • [ – ] brileevir parent reply +macrox6 The US became a crony capitalist nation with very distorted markets ages ago. The trend was started by Woodrow Wilson. Then we have all the damage done by FDR. Fast forward to LBJ and then Obummer and the picture is complete. Here's a book I highly recommend:
          • [ – ] macrox6 parent reply Thanks. I'll try to get it. I was always interested on the life of Woodrow Wilson, and by that I mean his true presidency. I knew someone had to set up the shit Obama did back in his presidency, it all just felt, so goddamn perfect to let him loose that easily. I guess I see my first spoiler with FDR and Woodrow Wilson. What oh, what could these two have put to make it perfect for "Mr Executive Order"?
            • brileevir parent reply +macrox6 I should also mention that Truman tried to nationalize the US steel industry, but got bitchslapped by the Supreme Court:
  • thehfgman reply Nobody wants a war to break out well at least the US wont start it.
  • [ – ] Cynical-Bastard reply Good. Fuck North Korea. Let's end the ideological sabre-rattling. PS: Russia interstate actors probably supply ISIS, NK, ect ect...fucking ridiculous.
    • [ – ] respawn parent reply It's not Russia supporting ISIS, that would be USA. USA actually founded ISIS, at least its predecessor Al Qaeda.
      • Cynical-Bastard parent reply I don't necessarily mean Russian officials. US officials shouldn't be exculpated from their complicity, but neither should Russian interstate actors- do I have proof? only as much as 'there are obviously criminal elements that operate from outside of Russia, whom are Russian citizens or expats, whom can get things for ISIS'. Does that sound unreasonable?
  • mntahoe reply japan does have loads of plutonium they could make nukes almost instantly, delivery is another issue
  • OxAcientOrder reply Buy him out. Either give him a way out or pay china take him out.
  • The_Eldritch_Bee reply I love this timeline.
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