Pedogate, Agendas, and Silence Livestream

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  • [ – ] DanielCedrick reply I was glad to see so many people at the live stream. I don't often get a chance to see anything live.
  • Yzerman19 reply Nice speech
  • TheDrumstick reply Someone recommended the brilliant movie "Network"(1976). That is a MUST watch :-)
  • [ – ] TheDrumstick reply I agree we should use #pedogate in the future. As you say, it's unfortunately much bigger than just Podesta and Alefantis. Also thanks for not discussing the Psy-op "Flat Earth", which is a test to see how stupid and gullible people really are...and a way to discredit all Truthers as "tin foil hat" types...! I also follow Seaman and Titus Frost!
  • YoutookTheWrongKids reply I am glad you are on vid me i follow you on youtube and I was hoping you would look at my 1st interview I have a huge target on me for actually doing this and was hoping you would consider interviewing me NO ONE will help me no one will be apart of helping me get the truth about the corruption and now my 2 babies are apart of it and im scared for them and that i will never get them back
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