UK Election Results: A Slight Victory for Sovereignty

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  • British_Patriot reply For me.. It's a good thing that the Tories don't have a majority...But i'm happy corbyn didn't get into power....That would have been a total disaster...
  • ResistanceChicks777 reply Infowars made a mistake! David Knight had a freudian Slip on InfoWars Nightly News 6-7-17. time 45 minutes into the show. Twice he said, "Veil of Tears". When God reveals himself the veil, the curtain is rent down the middle, an apocalypse and revelation.. It is a revealing of the "Truth", a discovery, revelation, disclosure! Within minutes David Knight said "Trail of Tears". He was trying to correct his mistake but his point was incorrect in the first place. World Leaders Gather Together! Bilderberg, Illuminati, Globalist, Nationalist, Elitist, Spirit Cooking, Jihad, Voodoo, Witch Doctors, Leads to Human Sacrifice
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