Mario's Lost Kart

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  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply The quality of your video effects ALWAYS impress me! I can't imagine how much time went to this. Some constructive criticism. You guys are great with effects, but i think you should work more on your story telling. Example, the man has a job interview in 20 min, you could have used that information as a set up for the end, instead of showing Mario, to show the job interview side. Maybe we find out that Luigi is the interviewer? idk. I don't know much about making good stories, but i'm sure you can improve on that. Can't wait to see your next vid guys :)
    • Nukazooka parent reply Thanks! I'll make sure I work on that in future uploads. Appreciate it man
    • sarah parent reply i agree! unless there's a part 2 to this, the ending seemed abrupt since we didn't get to see what happened to luigi and the other guy at the end (like what happened?!! or maybe it's supposed to mean he got his butt whooped/died). but other than that, jesus christ that prius flip editing was aaaamazing *___*
  • Noodle_KING reply Yo, Luigi just deleted your very own existence. These animations and effects are sick man!
  • [ – ] MartyReactions reply Nice. Love the feel of it towards the end. It was like a villain movie sequence. Love to see more stuff like this
    • Nukazooka parent reply Thanks! I was basically going for a Breaking Bad type feel, haha. Maybe I'll make a series called Breaking Blocks.
  • mcstacky reply this was awesome!
  • duffy reply luigi is an utter savage!
  • warren reply Whoa, amazing production value! Love how slowly Luigi runs when he has the star. Mario Kart will now always feel a bit darker to me.
  • Ms_K reply this was AWESOME,loved the CREATIVITY IS REAL!!! Enjoyed it!!!
  • Iannis_Hour_LOOK_DESCRIPTION reply wwoooww!!! THIS QUALITY IS THE BEST
  • Mattsvlogging reply Damn this is really good! I love the effects! And Mario's voice [: It's just so good overall :D
  • mieldemaple reply Wow great vΓ­deo, those effects, the turtle shells, keep em coming
  • MrPorkchops reply This is honestly amazing...
  • MrATAndreiThomas reply Shit this is fucking super badass it's like super mario meets fast and furious.
  • Westley_Nash reply Ok, that was just straight up freakin' awesome 😎 Mario with a dark streak! Keep making these Sir, they are amazing πŸ‘πŸŽ©
  • SamEarl13 reply Real good animation, that's totally how I'd imagine stars in real life since they really are overpowered and there definitely is a lot of theories that say Mario is evil :P
  • USUandS reply Absolutely crazy how the effects make the skits feel as real as they do. Ever since I saw virtual nightmare, been a big fan of y'alls stuff. Great work!
  • MarzieMalfoy reply Okay.. Gotta admit... THIS WAS PRETTY EPIC!!!
  • backstreetgoy reply So you just had to make Mario a Jew...
  • WILL_SACKETT reply Now that was a good one πŸ˜…πŸ˜†
  • Anonymous_Gamer reply That was AWESOME!
  • c_arnold03 reply Wait a sec. Wouldn't Luigi have recognized some stranger riding in Mario's Cart? ...Unless he's the one who stole it to sell to the car lot.
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