Five Strange Games From My Childhood [Vidme Gaming Community Project]

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  • [ – ] SalBerry reply Some good ones in there,I remember the south park one!!
  • [ – ] SalBerry reply @GrynchTV @RedPandaSquad @Game6Gaming @IAmCKtv @ChaoticGaming Get on the nostalgia train!! XD
  • [ – ] Arcade-Salad reply haha nice fur fighters i remember that game that was a really weird game .And the celebrity deathmatch game was funny but bad hahaha
    • ds_vglevelxwriter parent reply Yeah, Fur Fighters was pretty weird. But the local multiplayer was fun to play, though. I loved the celebrity deathmatch show, so we had got the game as well. Very bare bones, basic and nothing really special about it either. Wouldn't expect many people played it lol
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