Anime Painting 1 - Sorcerer's Academia - Poisoned Fruits Page 1 - Part 1

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  • animeviper reply Good job 👍
  • [ – ] animeviper reply No its fine ^^
  • [ – ] Kutangelwings reply Nice job. I've never drawn digitally before, I feel so behind the times.
    • RulaDraws parent reply If you feel behind sometimes, why don't you buy one? Cheapest wacom graphics tablet costs 75$. If you think that's a gigantic investment, after time passes by, the price you pay may be worth it. After all, my graphics tablet that I've been using for 3 years, is off-brand.
  • [ – ] RulaDraws reply Is 10x Speed too slow for casual viewers? Let me know in the comments. Upvote and follow. Thanks!
    • [ – ] Kutangelwings parent reply I can tell you from years of experience, most people won't even watch a drawing video if its very long... I try to keep each video under 10 minutes (i know sometimes that'e really hard to do)
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