Resident Evil 5 - Co-op Veteran Mode - 4 - Chainsaw Fun

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  • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas reply I have completed resident evil 5, five years ago.
  • [ – ] AnimeFreakVidme reply Good luck when you get to Wesker ! XD
    • [ – ] CatsyPatz parent reply Thank you, I've beaten this game more times than i can count, so I know how to beat every boss and the special ways to do it lol. Hope you stick around and see how it turns out. ^~^
      • [ – ] AnimeFreakVidme parent reply :3 I thought about doing a let's play of this, but I think I'll leave that to the pros.
        • [ – ] CatsyPatz parent reply Lol oh im sure you could do it, and on top of that, even if you arent that great at games, you can still play. In fact, being worse at games proves to draw more people in, because a lot of people find entertainment in watching people fail, terribly enough lol
          • [ – ] AnimeFreakVidme parent reply True! Just look at my google plus video! Social failure is the biggest fail of all. Have you tried playing bad NES games? Those are epic hard!
            • [ – ] CatsyPatz parent reply I love going back and playing older games cause they were actually a challenge, most games now a days, are dumbed down for the casual player who only likes flashy lights and action
              • [ – ] AnimeFreakVidme parent reply True. Compare RE7 to RE1 and you can see all the water in the scotch so to speak.
                • [ – ] CatsyPatz parent reply well i like RE7, they brought back the scary, resource management, (because enemies didnt drop ammo or anything) The case for item storage, old save system and even puzzles to a point. I liked 7. but resident evil 4 was last kinda scary one. 5 and 6 was nothing but action and flash
                  • [ – ] AnimeFreakVidme parent reply Sorry 😅
                  • [ – ] AnimeFreakVidme parent reply Well I wasn't slamming 7 I was talking about difficulty. I liked 7 too. I even did a full let's play of it on my YouTube.
                    • [ – ] CatsyPatz parent reply lol i wasnt upset, just discussing things. Text doesnt portray emotions well lol
                      • AnimeFreakVidme parent reply True :3 When I played RE7 people thought I was disrespecting the franchise. After all that fuss I got a little sensitive to offending people. But I am planning to play RE1 on my YouTube and if I ever get verified I will be able to upload them here ^-^
                  • [ – ] AnimeFreakVidme parent reply Do you plan on playing the entire franchise collection? RE3 😱
                    • [ – ] CatsyPatz parent reply its rather easy to be verified on this, and the community seems to be nicer. Youtube is kinda going down hill with the crap they are doing. and dont be sensitive to offending people. upload what you want and even if its the nicest video in the world someone will be offended over it, just how it is. and i would like to play the remake of RE1 and RE0 on my channel yes. and if the second and third doesnt get a remake, I just might play those two on an emulator. but well see. Right now, ima try and finish up the series i have going before starting another. Almost done with DmC so after that ill start another series to run with the other two.
                          • [ – ] AnimeFreakVidme parent reply On a side note, how will I know if I was denied verification? E-mail? Been waiting a week to hear anything. I have a back log of 100s of videos, but can't upload them.
                            • [ – ] CatsyPatz parent reply you cant upload them? I was uploading everything from my channel before i was even verified. Its easy to just copy the link of your video and paste it in the upload. and I got an email from them when they verified my channel.
                              • [ – ] AnimeFreakVidme parent reply Oh! I don't have directly upload? I feel stupid 😅
                                • [ – ] CatsyPatz parent reply lol nope, just go to your youtube video, copy its link and when you click upload the second option is a video or gif link, it copies everything over to your vidme, title, keywords, description, thumbnail, everything. only thing you have to do after is set it to gaming and then make it public when it tells you its done. and its a lot quicker than raw upload. so just upload to youtube, then copy the link over. thats what i do.
  • [ – ] Nightwulf29 reply Such a fun game. Played this on coop back in the day. Great gameplay and commentary. Just followed you man
  • AnimeFreakVidme reply Well...nice talking. 😅 Sorry again.
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