#FreeTHIEF - A Rant

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  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply Quite surprising that companies still want to make movie adaptions despite them all being meh at best. I like to pretend the 4th game didn't happen especially considering it had some major problems I didn't even think were possible. P.s. Might play one of the Thief games now I've been reminded of them.
  • DumeGie reply Since Deus Ex is also on the back-burner now can we try freeing that too? #MakeDeusExBlueAgain
  • Dooooooooooooooom reply Companies still want to turn their games into movies? Well, it's their business to drive into the ground. They could have at least done something sensible like make it into an anime rife with cat girls. Now there's something that would turn some heads!
  • Zenbloke reply Razorfist dude love your YouTube channel but you have nearly 70.000 sub's there how about us little guys have this
  • GordLord reply Nice to see you on Vidme, just found you here yesterday. Just recently tried thief 2 for the first time and goddamn it is atmospheric and very tense. I'm not good at stealth either but the depth to Thief 2 is amazing, sound design is top notch and so is the level design. Sucks this had to happen to the series. I'm also hyped for Underworld Ascendant since it looks like a real sandbox like Ultima Underworld.
  • MickiDaWop reply I don't even play video games, but these reviews are amazing!
  • Shibe_Kun reply Ok, I completely agree with this. Also your amazing.
  • VGJustice reply The Thief reboot is the most painfully average game I've played. I still use it as the measuring stick. "You must fail no more than Thief to be considered 'good'." It helps that I didn't play the originals, I'm sure.
  • DIFFERENT-PERSPECTIVE reply bloody taffers :), forgive me im a massive thief fan
  • Charlie22 reply This is the most strange video i can see...
  • Fighting_Zenith reply I have to say don't bother trying to discourage filmakers to adapt video games. Instead, encourage them. Either they become so bad that they stop or we get something that is going to be actually respectable.
  • Sheggy6 reply I finally got to try Teef this year and I'm thoroughly depressed by it. The only good thing was that Asylum level, and even that felt less like a good level and more like an interactive spookathon.
  • Artalive01 reply Ahh thief... if only we could get a proper follow up game that is the tragedy of that which should be forgotten... well regardless I'm really looking forward to the work from other side studio. Looks wonderful so far!
  • lavitzbass6666 reply i loved thief deadly shadow :)
  • SignalFromTheRim reply Wow, how did I miss the founding of Otherside?
  • snatch219 reply Here's another Looking Glass Studios classic that they should bring back. Terra Nova! After Hawken and MechWarrior Online, we could use a real tactical Mech sim.
  • ThePhantom reply The new Thief should just be Thief 4, like Thi4f never happened
  • ThePhantom reply The next Thief Game should just be Thief 4, like Thi4f never happened.
  • freze_peach reply Hey, Razor, have you heard the music of Stoned Jesus I'd like to hear your opinion on it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Zs0-82Yva0&t=20s
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