Why I Don't Have a "Face Reveal"

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  • [ – ] Kualdir reply By looking at the comments I can tell you a lot of people don't watch videos to the end =D
  • Costadinov reply You're not just another random person on the internet. You make awesome animations, great voice-overs, and here you're showing, again that you are a person like any of us with flaws. You're an individual, one that has followers and people who look up to you, and hope that with your video you can show some of your followers who relate to your experience that they too, can fight back. Also I've seen some images from vidcon and if that was you at your lowest point, I can only imagine how gorgeous you must be when you're feeling well with yourself. Thank you.
  • Radioactiveroach reply You're really cute 😊
  • Rawman reply its easy to see how many people actually watched the video haha! as someone who can relate to all the struggles jaiden has been through and goes through this video is amazing! this video puts me at ease that my weirdness and strange take on life might actually be more normal (or common) than i think. this is a great video and im glad she done this. maybe one day ill do a face reveal video. maybe not but if i do my view on it will be just like jaidens. fantastic video. well done!
  • DanRoot reply You've the support from everyone :-) You're incredibly strong and brave.
  • AbbasAmir reply I understand Jaiden, Be yourself and be positive :)
  • Killerpez1093 reply Nobody is forcing you. I understand completely
  • BOOTYHUNTERS reply jesus dude, that is depression. you define it really accurately. everyone has different reasons surrounding their depression, but it feels just like that... glad you made it through such a harsh time, keep on trucking girl!
  • nexxtmediaguide reply SO... can we go dating. Once you kiss a puppet you no go back..., to human....., wait too much?
  • sphinxxx reply It's okay, it's your choice, nobody is forcing you to do a face reveal. Just be yourself. We will love you as you are.
  • [ – ] Chrone reply Just be yourself Jaiden, if there is any platform out there that's really accepting of any type of person it's probably Vidme. If you don't want to show your face, just don't, I think your animations and voice-overs are good enough for everyone :)
  • MutantPixel reply So I didn't even know who you were until I saw this pop up on the Hot section of Vid.me. Any ways, the subject of depression is something I'm very familiar with. This was a strong video and it sent a very real message. Thanks for letting us random internet goers see that side of you :)
  • joemcbro reply The ability to communicate things so concisely and bring people into an experience is a rare skill. You definitely have it.
  • jclifford3881 reply Sometimes when we are drowning in darkness, knowing that we are not alone gives us strength to stay above the surface. Thank you for sharing your story.
  • Orrelion reply What a emotional story. Keep being strong and thank you for sharing. Love the animation!
  • [ – ] Dos_Gaming reply Don't do a face reveal cus I'll never do one.
    • [ – ] DanRoot parent reply She did do one at the end, but I think it was designed that way :-)
      • Dos_Gaming parent reply I know. I respect her decision but it's harder to keep a character now adays... for me it's like santa. My character is magic, made by the imagination of my viewers.
  • Ancf27 reply This is my first time watching any of your videos Jaiden. Your message truly resonated with me and I loved your animation. Revealing your face is entirely your choice and you do not need to do it, but it's nice to see you're attempting to change yourself for the better. To make yourself feel better while doing the same for others. I have to say I do feel better about my own problems (which are similar to yours in some ways) after watching this video. It's nice to know you're not alone and this video gets that type of message across (at least to me it does). I wish you the best and I'll try to continue supporting your channel and videos as much as I can. You seem like a very lovely person with a big heart, even if you've gone through hell and back you're still an awesome person who's got more to offer in terms of amazing creative content and personality. Keep being awesome Jaiden and I hope you have a great day. :)
  • TheGamerChong reply Well said, i hate identity politics where people judge you base on what you are rather than what you can do or your actions rather
  • [ – ] GottMedia reply Something to add to the "Show your kids" list of advice videos.. Being a single dad it's hard to find answers to my daughters problems, this is a great short!! Keep em coming... Also congrats on concurring your fears!
    • [ – ] Bodhi88 parent reply I see you follow Von. figured you should see this. This is his house and his kids rooms. https://vid.me/ETS0
      • [ – ] GottMedia parent reply @Bodhi88 You should check the community rules.. I don't think you should be posting irrelevant comments. Although child abuse is bad, it's still a rule you should try to adhere to... I have no clue who "Von" is, maybe I do follow them. But going around posting on other peoples threads, dirt on Von, is just bad form, and I think it's considered self-promotion... Let's keep vid.me spam free.. For all we know that could just be some random pics you grabbed off the net..
        • [ – ] Bodhi88 parent reply I'm not trying to self promote my channel. This is just a secondary channel to reveal who Von Helton truly is. These pictures where taken from his home and was gotten from an inside source. He even admits that those where pictures from his house on his latest video, but claims he was going to do a bit of spring cleaning anyway. To support this man is to support child abuse.
          • [ – ] GottMedia parent reply All in all the point I was trying to make is that, this thread isn't the place for what you're doing... In fact no comment thread is appropriate... I follow my followers back.. I don't care who they are.. That's how we should ALL be as creators.. If you have a News Tip for me, or want to share a video like this with me, please use direct messaging.. If you look at my albums you'll see I'm creating a news program so yeah I'm super open to receiving tips, just in my Inbox :)...
            • Bodhi88 parent reply I do apologize. I didn't see that he followed you thought, but next time I will inbox you. Not to familiar with messaging on here, so again I apologize. It was the only way I could think of to showing someone that follows him what he is really about.
  • Killerpez1093 reply Nobody is forcing you. We all understand. I don't show my face myself. Wearing a mask in vlogs really is hidden. You are a good person. Dont let people bring you down.
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