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    SUBSCRIBER BENEFITS: Some subscribers can and may, at times feel, a sudden, inexplicable, incredibly bright and warm feeling of happiness and sense of well being. Other benefits include, but are not limited to, (a) An overwhelming sense of deep satisfaction, (b) dank meme production, and (c) an increase in your physical attractiveness . Benefits are known to intensify at the time of payment/monthly renewal. Some subscribers may also notice a vast increase in their Qi power level resulting in levitation, telekinesis, and/or immortality. Long term subscribers may become one with the Tao. SIDE EFFECTS INCLUDE: Bankruptcy, divorce, partial loss of motor functions, stupidity and/or possible insanity resulting in brain damage. ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS, GUARANTEES OR BACKSIES. WE STRONGLY ADVISE YOU AGAINST SUBSCRIBING TO THIS CHANNEL. He's mental. All you'll end up getting, if you're lucky, is videos featuring reviews of bricks and/or paving slabs and/or breezeblocks with him rating them by how difficult they are to smash on his head.

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