Murdochs Seeking A Woman To Run Fox News

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  • AItiger reply All thier simply is to do, is continuing not marrying or have kids. At the end it will destroyed society. The basterd of society will continue to destroy society. Even if they take over the media, people will exit an go somewhere else an they will lose thier money an good out of buisness. Thier "buisness cycle" is goig to take a nose dive. MGTOW
  • GoMGTOW reply Brilliant.... Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves. XD
  • branddino3 reply FoxNews buckled to the SJW, feminists and globalism. We can get our news from podcasts, blogs and websites like vidme for example. We'll still get our real news we wont buckle to this bs. We'll thrive and go our own way. While the mainstream media and their supports collapse while we accumulate wealth, happiness and our freedom. Stay strong peeps the future is ours!
  • jamy2j07 reply America is full of weak mangina men SJWs all them pathetic!! They wanna block our cocks all these ridiculous rules laws it's a joke!
  • jp9605 reply All women/feminists can do is make false allegations to gain promotions. It is difficult if not impossible today for the white male to get a job in the workforce today. Women are in high positions. I have been invited to a law firm interview as a bilingual receptionist once. They tested my fluency skills (Spanish) and I am confident I did well. This was not the only job interview where a WOMAN interviewed me and did not hear back. I could even go back to a local college and get certified in something like mechatronics or AI software technology( be multilingual in Spanish and Russian and technology skills) and still not get hired. Fuck this stupid economy. Let the economy collapse and let these cunts walk the streets and stink like the piss garbage they are.
  • Boodang reply Hell. I'd grow a cunt to have that high paid cushy gig....
  • Insidio reply Amateurism In great player news 🙈 FOX NEWS 🙈
  • GabetheSamurai reply I don't see why you are upset over this, how about you find out who she is and ask her to show you her tits like you did Mcnugget.
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