Richard Pan, 'Water is the Most Dangerous Ingredient in the Vaccine!' | UC Berkeley, 11/5/15

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  • VIGILANTESEXPOSINGCORRUPTION reply Pan=Pandemic of autoimune, autism, CIDP, MS, Demyelenating disease! Pan needs to go to prison forever dirty scumbag politician paid off by MERCK your time is coming parents are very AWAKE and vaccine injured ADULTS are AWAKE. COMMUNIST Genocide piece of crap
  • originalgeek reply Dr. Pan tells a flat out lie here. He says "Thimerosal is not in childhood vaccines". Well, the CA Dept. of Health has the authority to override the CA Mercury Free Vaccine Act, and supply children with thimerosal-laden vaccines. Their most recent order to do so, on October 9th, 2015, can be found here:
  • Sequence reply What a piece if crap this pan.....
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