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  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply Thanks for explaining the suggestions but i think you should have credit the people who suggested some of these ideas. at least to put it in your descriptions the creators channel so that Vidme knows who contributed to some of these ideas. Takecare dude ;)
  • [ – ] PopFizzy reply Those upvotes is just feel likes to me. Kinda like Facebook. A 5 stars rating would be nice. But in my opinion. the 5 stars should be love hearts just in case. Because it shows how people love the video and such. But stars should be fine as well.
    • Kualdir parent reply Hearts would be cool! the 5 star rating wasn't my idea btw it was from one of the people credited in the description!
  • [ – ] bononoz1 reply Is English not your main language? Just wondering, but good video nonetheless.
  • [ – ] Germanilluminati reply I would prefer a 5 star Rating for videos AND THE UPVOTE.
  • [ – ] CuneiformHub reply What about verifying pickiness? You know when you see channels with one video get verified but others with more videos not verified. Covers the topic.
    • [ – ] Kualdir parent reply
      • [ – ] CuneiformHub parent reply In that video, the uploader by the name of Emmanuel explains he reaches all requirements. Some channels just seem to be left out, intentionally or not no one knows.
        • [ – ] Kualdir parent reply If you can send me a link to the channels that did not get verified i'll talk to vidme and maybe I can get you a reason :)
          • [ – ] CuneiformHub parent reply Personally, I think he deserves it. Especially when you see get verified after releasing a single video. (Nothing against him, just using his luck as an example)
            • [ – ] Kualdir parent reply FactFile has a lot of videos on and I think it is because of the banner of his channel ^-^ but i'll get a tweet to them i'll let you know if I get a response
  • [ – ] Enea5 reply It would be nice to be able to like people's comments and get alerts when channels you're following uploads a new video
    • Kualdir parent reply If you follow them there is a following page (Alerts will be coming I think) You can like people's comments already its right next to the profile picture
  • [ – ] TWODN1UP reply Why is there a search that doesn't work?
  • [ – ] JimmyDeanRodeo reply I feel like Vidme need to bring in a discussion tab much like youtube, I like the live chat part which seems interesting but I don't know how well it would work. It would be cool if Vidme had a live stream mode for streamers.
  • [ – ] StolenMoment reply difficult to understand; slow down
  • [ – ] Micavity reply Teams would be dope
  • [ – ] CuneiformHub reply Personally, having the ability to make playlists would be awesome. More for separating videos for easy access in my opinion.
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