Happy Pride 2017!

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  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply I'm going to donate and tip and you can't stop me. :D
  • Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Thank you Calibri for extending your heart to all the people! You are right, we are all part of the greater love. Everyone has equal value, regardless. The fight for basic respect is only getting started. And we either stand together and win or we all fail. We are all different in some way, as we were made unique, and we are all the same, as we come from the same place. Let us today celebrate both!
  • thy_koosk reply Happy pride!! I love our state!!
  • PoeticOldSoul reply *Waving my mini Pride Flag* Woohooo, great message & vid, and yessss, HAPPY PRIDE! #ImSoQueer, I swear lol! :-P <3
  • KayToons reply I love Pride. It's amazing. It doesn't matter how bad the world gets, it's always warms my heart to see people celebrating people.
  • Calibri_Funtimes reply Happy Pride from Boston! Stay safe! #bostonpride
  • sowhat_vid_me reply You have lots of positive energy. I have no clue what this Happy Pride thing is about. Maybe it is some American thing, no idea, but you make people happy. That is all that matters.
  • ScribbleSeal reply As someone who is openly bi, this means a lot to me. I have a really supportive mother, but I only recently realized my dad is a little homophobic. (Which I didn't know but also he doesn't know I'm gay so... yeah.) Calibri, you are amazing. <3
  • WalkingForWeightLoss reply Happy Pride. Nice to meet you on Vidme Calibri_Funtimes. New Vidme creator here. I am a gay man and glad to see LGBT-welcoming people like you here. I wonder if LGBT should be it's own category here on Vidme? I would feel weird about putting any LGBT-themed video I make under the "lifestyle" category. Something about that word is off-putting to me. Anyway, 👍 to you.
  • Roamancing reply Happy Pride! For a moment there, I was questioning how I missed Pride and then remembered it is a different times in different places, which is a good thing as it spreads out the celebrations of being able to love who we choose to love. Really heartfelt, beautiful messages that you shared here. Thank you.
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply Dammit, I knew I was in the wrong Jar, all those pickles have nothing in common with me. Best Analogy I heard this year. Never heard of Pride Week but definitely a worthy cause.
    • JustABloke parent reply I wanted to tip more but I now have to search for a new Jar, and the ones that come with free wifi complete with an in house chef/dishwasher/laundry engineer/grounds keeper are rare.
  • techmespot reply Great Video Calibri :)
  • Aaronshy reply Happy pride.
  • lewren reply Yes, we're all human. Happy pride and Allah akbar ... no?
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