3 foods to STOP eating NOW | Fat Loss Secrets

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  • [ – ] JustABloke reply Cool, never buy orange juice anyways, oh dear I always buy oaty bars, I avoid dressings but not always possible when you eat out.
    • WooFit parent reply yeah eating out can always potentially be detrimental to ones diet lol guess ya gotta live a little though :p as for the bars, im sure there are a number of options out there, just check the labels and you'll be good brother :)
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply The only thing I'd have trouble with is the Canola oil, which is not as healthy as advertised. See: https://draxe.com/canola-oil-gm/ Otherwise, I think you are right on. Get away from the tons of sugars as much as possible, and cut out the GMO's too. Our food is way too toxic and depleted of nutrients. My wife and I take Moringa powder to put at least some decent nutrients into our bodies. We mix it with low-salt V8 in order to get it down. Thanks for the info!
    • [ – ] JustABloke parent reply Oh great LoL our house changed solely to Canola Oil because we believed it was good for us, and this was MANY years ago. Hmm need to look up Moringa powder.
      • Flying_Purple_Pizzas parent reply I can't tell you how many times I trusted the general consensus on things like this to later find out it was wrong. The surprise gets less and less each time.
  • [ – ] theMagdalenRose reply This was cool and informative, thanks! :)
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