The Elie Wiesel Sexual Assault Claim is Exposing the Hypocrisy of the Media and of Politicians

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  • Ripnow reply I find it hard to believe that when there's large numbers of people involved not a single one speaks out immediately, but all wait a decade or more before they speak out. Almost like being accused of rape or sexual assault is an end of career role these people have to play. Very hard to believe there's not a deeper agenda behind this.
  • Liberty_Surveillance reply I have to admit I condemn this guy. Who is it? No idea who it is.
  • leighsd2002 reply Famed also as a Nazi Hunter after WWII
  • RuneJensen reply OK, so I found styxenhammer on,are there others? Is sargon here?
  • ironrope reply weisel is a scam artist - he has been proven to be a liar and his memoirs are almost entirely a fabrication. he himself admits to creating extensive tales of the holocaust that did not happen for the purpose of demonizing the german people and making maximum profit and status from his shit tier "book". wish someone actually would have gassed that fucking loony tune. rapist turd.
  • DieNetaDie reply Crosby is innocent though
  • Skyrik reply That one dimensional book could be good if it was parodying the concept of putting the one-dimensional blanket on someone.
  • Liberty_Surveillance reply Hypocrisy, my mortal enemy. Abounds everywhere. Of course I never do it...:)
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