Caller: Should DAPL & Keystone Pipelines Be Built? - How Do We Find Out The Truth On This?

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  • ClimatePonziLie reply Germany To Abandon $1.1 Trillion Wind Power Program By 2019
  • ClimatePonziLie reply If Trump stops lumber from BC, this is the chance for Environmentalist to finally close down this barbaric industry of environmental forest destruction. They will try to ship more of their product through Alberta by train to the East Coast of Canada to make up for lost sales to the USA to keep their Government profits rolling in. This is the perfect time for the Environmental movement to finally deal a death blow to the lumber industry of BC by stopping all lumber from making it way through Alberta. This idea is no different that BC environmentalist trying to give a death blow to Alberta's gas industry or trying to collect a royalty. The environmentalist in BC should shut down lumber production in BC, then lest see just how fast they would be put in prison.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply The media is manipulating people when they show a smoke stack, by trying to push the idea that it's pollution coming out. What they are seeing is Water Vapor that dissipates into the air. It's not pollution but the main stream media has used this deception for their sales pitch. Now for CO2 it is invisible, that being said it's not Pollution, it's a natural process. Your breath contains 20,000 ppm of CO2 and it is a natural product that isn't pollution. The CO2 from your breath doesn't kill people, it doesn't cause Cancer. Pollution is fluoride added to your drinking water as it is poison, it causes cancer, and it kills, Your tube of toothpaste has a poison warning on every tube sold. Pollution is the Chemical trails they spay daily into the sky. Pollution is the Aluminum that is used in deodorant or toxic products added to cosmetics. The Globalist have you looking in the wrong place for pollution.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply They can present all the numbers regarding CO2 but Mother Nature always has the last word, the truth is that the Current levels of CO2 are extremely low. As most of the previous atmospheric CO2 is now locked up in Coal, Gas, Oil, Limestone. Plants respond very positivity to vastly higher concentrations of CO2 as it is an essential to their physiology and biochemistry. How do plants respond to various CO2 levels. Currently the Ambient level of CO2 in the atmosphere is 340 PPM. What happens to plants when CO2 falls to 100 PPM, photosynthesis has stopped completely and the plant will die. At 150 PPM the plants begin to respire, at this low level the plant are NO longer able to obtain sufficient CO2 from the atmosphere and photosynthesis is restricted. At a level of 1000 PPM CO2 is close to the optimum level for many plants, given no other limiting factors. Others continue to respond to even higher concentrations of 1200 PPM of CO2 to conduct photosynthesis at their maximum rate. Plants re...morespond so positively to these higher concentrations of CO2 this proves that BLAMING CO2 for Global Warming is a hoax CLIMATE PONZI LIE. Providing plants with sufficient amounts of CO2 has been what causes increased food production in the past Medieval period and is causing the deserts to become green again CO2 is the nutrient that feeds the world. The fact is many plants couldn't adapt to these low CO2 levels and have died out as a result. Given that all plants respond so positively to a higher CO2 levels in the environment it wouldn't take very long for the dormant genetic information to respond again. supplement.html
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