The Hypocrisy Of How The Media Covers Mass Shootings

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  • Zionosis reply The entire mainstream media is BS, it's all how they want you to see things. You are basically subjecting yourself to propaganda and misrepresentations of facts when you rely on crap like the mainstream media on your TV. But the USA isn't the only one that does it, many other countries have bias and propaganda and misrepresentation through their media also. Most so called "reality shows" are BS and not reality at all either, Just scripted and baloney. Of course the more generations go by they have found the less the people rely on the mainstream media for their view on the world and the internet and even the affordability to travel has enabled people who have a little sense to look beyond the suit on TV talking to them. lol Soon when people do that just a little they find out that most on TV is absolute lies and propaganda.
  • SambaSchutte reply People still watch CNN? 'Seems the more bad reporting you do, the more you're in the limelight'...
  • Anon928374234 reply Her name is at 00:14
  • KyleDodsonFunny reply Hey don't mention that thing. "This just in, we're mentioning this thing that we're not supposed to mention."
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