Sick of Playing the YouTube Game

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  • [ – ] DarkGodsLairGames reply I ditched youtube completely. It was rather easy for me, because they progressively took away a lot of things. First it was customization options for the channel, then they wanted to be the next facebook, then they started to force and clutter the starting page of youtube with subscriptions I didn't even care about and unsubscribed me from a channel (unsubscribe "bug" everyone?). They also have this atrocious DMCA bot going wild in addition to idiots making false claims and weaponizing the DMCA system. But it gets better. It destroyed the quality of all my videos with various different settings, because they have this awful codec. As a game developer, I need to have good quality. I make a testupload on Vidme and surprise suprise, it looks EXACTLY like, what I wanted to upload. And I didn't need to change any settings at all. And don't be afraid about monetization options and such. Vidme is working on it. Vidme reminds me pretty much about youtube, when it started out and was GOOD :). W...morehat makes you good is your expression of your personality. I would even go that far that Youtube may compromise your personality, because you need to jump through various hoops to not get in trouble. And I think Youtube isn't doing enough for fair use either :).
    • girlreadingbooks parent reply Absolutely agree - great comment! There are definitely compromises users make out the gate to "handle" YouTube... and absent a small claims international intellectual property court to process possible fair use arguments, those bots will keep on a winnin'
    • KingFishOcean parent reply also to add my opinion to this, back in the day you could just ENJOY making content and could be successful with it. Now it feels like you either have to get lucky and get a big youtuber to collab with you / shout you out or do shady tactics like spamming channels, spamming followers on twitter and such. It makes you feel dirty for even thinking about doing it all in the hope that your channel will actually GROW. It's why I joined vidme. Coz I am getting to a point where I just wanna enjoy making videos and enjoy interacting with others who do the same rather than marketing myself all the time. Great video dude!
  • [ – ] maxwaxhax reply There's no rules to YouTube or any other video platform, there's no rule to TV entertainment, some of the dumbest ideas become the best entertainment. The only thing that has rules is news and news is boring.
    • Trueisfalsee parent reply But their rules are becoming more shady. Discussing controversial topics forces your video to be demonetize. Adding a worthless restricted mode that blocks youtube channels(even if they are child friendly) but not mainstream channels like fox and cnn even if they themselves discuss controversial topics as they are news. Youtube then is going to release youtube t.v. the very thing that most people that watch youtube is trying to get away from.
    • [ – ] GeraldUndone parent reply Good point!
      • girlreadingbooks parent reply Absolutely, the rules are completely over bloated and non-creator centric. A terrible contract/system for the user.... I had to follow and subscribe to mainstream channels on my Twitter and YouTube to not get locked out for "bot like" behavior - only work around I've found so far.
    • girlreadingbooks parent reply There are definitely rules to YouTube - hence the whole censorship rendez-vous and the move towards Youtube TV regressive throw-back!
  • [ – ] Stamasian reply We originally started on YouTube. Censorship practices dictated they weren't going to be a good fit for us, especially with the content we create/will be releasing this summer.
  • [ – ] chaseisgame reply I usually dislike intros, but yours is pretty cool. Great sound in your vids. What mic do you use?
  • [ – ] ENUKacrylics1 reply Content is king and you make great content! Plus YouTube is dying a slow corporate death.
  • [ – ] KreatorB reply Dude I have been on Youtube for years and totally understand and hear what your are saying. But remember who cares about all the factors, just make the video AND forget about all the other things! Doing videos is suppose to be fun, but has become a lottery that we all want to play and win. So Youtube uses that with all the bullshit to weed out the weak ones and find that diamond in the ruff. you may be that next one, so just go have fun and fuck the tube! So if you want to know how to do it(having fun and forgetting about youtube), just drink, smoke and be merry. Let all the rest fall in place. Thanks for the videos and remember you are on the way even if youtube does not show it. U already are famous as you have touched a few of us as we follow you and watch u. Oh and remember your video is now in the cloud so keep it coming, Peace buddy!!!
  • [ – ] JDStembal reply There is no right or wrong way. Believe that you are a success and the content that you produce will reflect success. Alternatively, you can be a slave to metrics and judge yourself harshly, but where is the fun in that approach? What is important to you? What is your mission? Surrender your time to that and greatness will follow. Keep up the great work, brother!
  • [ – ] VonHelton reply Hey Gerald, at least you didn't get gang-stalked for 10 years.........
  • [ – ] girlreadingbooks reply DMCA system absolutely broken! I've worked paralegal for IP firms before, lemme know if you need help Gerald!
  • AaronMcHale reply As a content creator myself, I sometimes feel that I don't enjoy doing it, and I think that's true for everything you do in life, even the stuff you love doing the most there will likely be parts you don't like or don't want to do. At the end of the day a good way to look at it is if you enjoy most of something then it's worth doing, and if you assume that everything you do in life might have parts you don't like then you might be more content with what you do because you've already accepted that.
  • [ – ] eluukkanen reply Yep, so much time goes to analytics and all... Too much time from the content itself...
  • [ – ] Pediaan reply If you know you're right you can always ask help from the FUPA foundation if they take legal action. If you're not sure they will also check for you.
  • DavidCalles reply Vidme > Jewtube
  • [ – ] ChrissRE reply First time on this site . Feels like starting YouTube early days all over again it is great. Great Video
  • [ – ] vgachronicles reply You make some great points.
  • [ – ] rustyg reply you don't even mention being on where I saw parts of this video.. but it is always good to care about the content. Don't worry about the likes and subscribers.. that always comes in time.
    • GeraldUndone parent reply Yeah. I don't have any complaints about vidme. Although, I haven't made any vidme exclusive content, so most of my experiences are YouTube related. Thanks for the advice. :)
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply Content creators make video platforms like YouTube and Vidme, these platforms do not create content. I seldom go to YouTube and only to support those I subscribe to but eventually I would move on. Vidme has been positive in my experience, I don't produce much content, but from I have seen here a lot of content creators seem happy, and that results spills out into the video audience. Forget the 30 day YouTube challenge, start a new challenge from scratch called, the Vidme Challenge. Already you've being noticed! Good Luck!!
  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply Success for my channel means getting a bunch of cool people to talk about hobbies my followers and I share. That's the goal. I probably won't ever become successful by the numbers but if I get to make a few friends and have some good conversations that would be much better in my eyes.
  • [ – ] JohnBirdMedia reply Oh creator slump. Such a horrific thing that we all Experience... and I guess YouTube has zapped it out of the best of us. Keep it up man!
  • [ – ] KingFishOcean reply I have had that issue for years over on YouTube. I always wanted to achieve, to grow and do well on YouTube so I spent SO much time studying how it all works and applying those tactics. Years later and I am only at 1.2k subs with barely any views in comparison to what I wish I had. So I have pretty much given up. It has been a LOT more fun since and quite obviously I also started putting content up on here to. It has been a lot more fun. Trying to do well and trying to constantly grow just stresses you out and I have some youtuber friends who quit because the business practices needed in order to do well on youtube just ruined content creation for them. It's a shame. anyway, great video! First time I have seen your channel but I am gunna follow. It is good to find another person who fights themselves a lot over this kinda stuff and just wants to enjoy making videos. Good luck to you, and have fun creating! :)
  • [ – ] Minsc reply Here's what I picture in my mind. Have a release schedule that is realistic. When firing on all cylinders, work up a buffer of content. This content is there and is available whenever there's a creative slump. Or just put up videos when a person feels like it.
  • [ – ] deathclonic reply as a new viewer I don't want to hear you ramble on. Get to the point, stop talking about youtube being shit.
    • GeraldUndone parent reply Probably a bad video choice for you then. You'd be better served to watch any of my other videos which are shorter and comedic.
  • BadWolf-111 reply youtube is dead
  • Directionally_Challenged reply i dont understand why people want to fucking beat down the small creator.... like really? You're going to dick me over photoshoping my face on your stuff and claim it's yours? Do you want that sweet sweet $2 that badly?
  • Cellblock776 reply I do lots of different stuff on my YouTube channel including shooting and taking firearms classes. I talk about "prepping" and politics. I even have videos of my cats and some ham radio content. I plan on more videos about politics and "prepper" topics and based on seeing YouTube strike and demonetize my videos in the past I figured it was time to leave.
  • MrATAndreiThomas reply I just knew youtube fuck us up even more this year, that's why I stopped posting videos on YouTube last year, because youtube has proven to be sneaky, underhanded, manipulative and untrustworthy, by lying to us content creators saying that they was no subscribing glitch when there is.
  • [ – ] UlricKessler reply You look like Jim Jones.
  • maxwaxhax reply I ignore quality, as long as my videos are watchable, it's good. There's no reason to compete against TV standards. TV has to stream 24/7, that's the only reason why their standards are so high. A shitty video here and there isn't on stream for 24/7 unless if your name is shia labeouf.
  • [ – ] maxwaxhax reply I ignore 90% of the comments. I even ignore 90% of the arguments I've started on videos. I really think if you start a pointless argument on Youtube, your channel begins to grow because people will check your channel out and you'll get a shit load of hate views ahahaha
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