#BREAKING - PIZZAGATE.COM Is Offering $25,000 REWARD For Anyone That Can DEBUNK #PizzaGate

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  • EmmanuelGoldstein reply I don't think it is possible to debunk it. I don't mean that because it would be true (I don't think it is) but I mean it in the same way that it is impossible to disprove God to a devout Christian or disprove evolution to a devout follower of Richard Dawkins, or even prove that the earth is round to a follower of the flat earth theory. No matter what prove you show them, they have already prepared a response to that and have already made up a reason why whatever prove you show them would be false, because they have already stubbornly made up their mind on the issue - and once somebody has formed any opinion it is almost impossible to change, because he would have to admit that his previous view was wrong - and people don't like to do that.
  • YoutookTheWrongKids reply Im all for this Please see my channel see my 1st time I have come forward regarding my story Please see them and upvote and subscribe as I will be posting a Journal I can not commit to a time or days but I will keep updated on what is happening I live this Please support us The parents that have to live with the grief thank you
  • YoutookTheWrongKids reply https://www.gofundme.com/bring-home-thebeau-kids-by-justice
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